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    My alma mater on ISC

    St. Bede's College Shimla is my alma mater. I was the third generation to study in this prestigious institution. My mother and her mother studied there before me - and of course a whole lot of aunts and cousins as well.

    St. Bede's College has erroneously been listed under 'schools in Shimla'. The educational institution is a college and not a school. It is affiliated to the Himachal Pradesh University and not affiliated to the CBSE.

    The information provided about it is incorrect – it has none of the following – Primary School, Middle School, High School or Higher Secondary School. The same may be corrected. I tried posting this response in the comments section but found my posting rights were restricted.

    St. Bede's College, Shimla
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    While I tried to post schools (of West Bengal), I found many factual inaccuracies. Sustained efforts are required to be made to correct these inaccuracies.
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    Errors are going to happen when we actually works and if the wrong happening has been brought to notice, it must be corrected and set right. Thanks for reporting about wrong listing. It will be corrected.
    K Mohan
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    Partha, I agree, there are many errors in that section. I too found many inaccuracies.

    Mohan, the purpose of posting this here was to get the error corrected. As a long standing member of ISC I am aware that the matter will be looked into. However, thank you for your assurance!

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    Thanks for the alert. The college has been removed from the schools section. It is also posted in our college section itself: St. Bede's College, Shimla. You can submit inaccuracies in the information given now. There is something called 'Info updates' for which permission has to be added manually by an editor in case it is not in place as per the automated system. I have added the permission for you now so let me know if you are unable to add updates.

    The My India, universities, college and schools sections are the 4 sections on which the foundations of ISC were first set up in 2007. Since it was later realized that a lot of errors were there, the updates feature was provided so that any member could inform the Webmasters of inaccuracies or provide good information which would add quality content to the page. Since the last couple of years, we have been giving good cash credits for detailed descriptive text. We would like more members other than the existing handful ones to contribute updates and help us improve all these sections while the back office staff do the tuning of other aspects.

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    There are few reasons for the errors or discrepancies.
    1. When the schools/colleges were posted in the initial stages of ISC, there wasn't any or very little editing in the section. So some errors must have surely crept in and could have remained there till now.
    2. Over the period of time , some schools which were primary schools , might have converted to high schools, some high schools to colleges and so on. That also could have made the information incorrect which would have been correct at the time of posting.
    2. Over the period of time, the contact information like phone numbers, addresses, mail-ids, websites would have definitely been changed, again making the information on that pages in error.

    That is why only, importance is given to information updates & 'information update are posted and such updates after reviewing get points and ccs.

    Hope that explains a few things and helps.

    Edit after initial response:- Vandana's response & mine were posted at the same time so some of the information might be same in both the responses.

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    I had earlier noticed inaccuracies in my college - Lucknow Christian College, Lucknow.

    Lucknow Christian Degree College, Gola Ganj, Lucknow

    Later, I posted few updates which were incorporated also. However, updation is still required. Perhaps because of pre-occupation of the editorial team in other areas, the database of educational institutions carves for more attention.

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