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    Reserve Bank of India to issue new Rs 100 currency note soon

    After RBI's announcement of issuing Rs 20 and Rs 50 denomination currency notes, now comes the turn of Rs 100. The Reserve bank of India(RBI) will launch new Rs 100 currency note in the Mahatma Gandhi series 2005 without any inset letter in the numbering panels. But all Rs 100 currency notes issued by RBI in the past will continue to be legal tender.
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    What is the purpose of this thread. It looks mere a news item.
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    Mr. Sharma: Kindly note that in ISC, the criteria for approval of Forum posts are different for different Members. However, the different criteria have not been set by Members themselves. The Members are not to be blamed.
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    It seems the NDA government is in the process of cleansing all the old currencies hither too valid and thus want to create new currencies with Gandhi series and hence one after other all the previous denominations are being withdrawn one after other. By the way it is the right move that we are already access to higher denominations in new currencies of Gandhi series, it is better to have smaller denomination also in new series. What ever the government introduces we must accept it in larger interest. But care must be taken that total transparency is maintained in releasing new currencies as there are every chances of hoarding the new notes even before it hitting the market and the common man is denied for. I am welcoming the new currencies in smaller denominations.
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    #585344, #585348 - I concur with the observations of both the authors.
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    Introduction of new 100 rupee notes is another step to get back the black money from the hoarders. The new hundred rupee currency notes will be used parallelly with the old notes, and after a while, the old notes will be demonetized. I think Modi is making a right move to succeed in getting back the black money.
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