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    One day after Jayalalitha, Cho Ramaswamy passes away

    Cho Ramaswamy, the very famous comedian of Tamil cinema and a great political satirist, passes away today morning at Apollo Hospita, Chennai at an age of 82. He was a staunch supporter of Jayalalitha and was rumoured to bring her in the political arena of Tamilnadu along with MG Ramachandran. Cho was known for his political satire and he was the founder-editor of famous Tamil magazine Tughlak. His film career started in 1963 and till 2005, he acted in 190 films. He was also a member of Rajya Sabha from Tamilnadu.

    During his last years, he praised the performance of Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India.

    RIP, Cho Ramaswamy!
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    Tamil Nadu again loses an eminent and a multifaceted personality after Selvi. Jayalalitha. Mr.Srinivasa Iyer Ramasamy popularly called as Cho Ramasamy was an Actor, Political Analyst, Lawyer and a Journalist. Cho Ramasamy was a trusted advisor of Jayalalitha and was also a good friend of the top Tamil actors Rajinikanth and Kamalahassan. Though he is no more in this world, his works and fame will live in Tamil Nadu. Rest in Peace Mr. Cho Ramasamy.

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    Yet another great loss to Tamilnadu. Mr Cho is an unforgettable person that he will be remembered forever for his comedy in his films and for his political criticism, and also for his great weekly magazine Tuglaq. May his soul rest in peace next to his favorite politician AMMA.
    No life without Sun

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    On 5th December we,TamilNadu,lost our beloved CM who did many favours to whole Tamilnadu people in many ways. She run the state very stubborn but in a proper manner boldly. She faced many oppositions and controversies with courage and succeeded over them also. Finally she went into ground by leaving her thoughts in many of us. She was honoured with last respects from all senior most Government officials from all parts of our country. Many Chief Ministers participated in her lost rituals.
    There is a proverb in Tamil,ThondriR Pugazhodu thondruka which means the birth should be utilised with proud. She proved this in her life Similar to her Political Guru Late Shri M.G.Ramachandran.
    Cho Ramasamy though he started his career in films succeeded as a Writer from both Political and Cinema line. He also a stubborn person who faced many oppositions and comments but never cared about them till his last breath.
    Within the same month with a gap of one day in the middle, we,TamilNadu lost two great persons.
    We forced to remember the month December as bad month (oman) fro Tamil Nadu as we lost many great persons of Tamilnadu in this month
    We lost M.G.Ramachandran on 24th December 1987.
    On December 24,1973, we lost EVRamaswamy Periar
    On December 25,1972, we lost C.Rajagopalachariar (Rajaji,ExGovernor General and CM)

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    Cho Ramswamy's demise will create a great void in the scene of political analysis and intelligent political satire.

    I am an admirer of Cho Ramaswamy and a regular reader of his Tamil Magazine 'Tuglak" for many years. Even now I read whenever I am able to buy a copy on my travels; it is not sold or supplied in my place.

    Over years of reading Cho Ramswamy's writings, I had cultivated certain characteristic and bent of mind in my observation, understanding analysis of many matters. Cho had a special knack to see things from a different angle. He was unbiased, and never personal in his criticism of political leaders. He always used to give credit to the good qualities he saw even in those whom he criticised severely.

    I had mentioned about Cho in many contexts in this forum. I can now recall the following response in some threads in that connection.(Post no: #488281 ; , #480425 ; ;#210945.

    I like and admire him as a writer than an actor. It is quite knowledgeable to read his explanatory articles about Mahabharata, Hinduism he wrote in his Tuglak magazine. They are available as book also.

    It is very interesting to know and recall about his exemplary symbolic protest actions like burying his own Tuglak Time Capsule (to lampoon Indira Gandhi's Time Capsule ), sending One naya paise Money Order etc..

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    It seems bad time is passing through the state of Tamil Nadu as one after other great Icons are leaving the world from that great state. First it was Puraitchi Thalaivi Ms Jayalalithaa and now Cho Ramaswamy. I have seen his old films in which his comedy was the highlight and even he has made comedy with latest Rajnikanth. In those days there was competition between Nagesh and Cho. But Cho is the seasoned actor, politician and a great comedian. My father was the great fan his famous political satire fortnight magazine Thuklaq and through that media, he used have open editorial on burning issues. Probably he is the only editor who had the guts to write against Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Karunanidhi and he was the great adviser to Jayalalithaa. With his death TN has lost yet another Icon in the state.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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