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    Have you ever thanked the needle ?

    We all know that the little needle is present at every home and the women folks are known for stitching clothes even if it is torn a little. By that way a needle becomes so handy to stitch many new clothes too. But we never had the courtesy to thank it. But when the same needle is just pricked and we get some blood, we immediately curse the needle. So this post should be a introspection to all as we tend to make complains easily but never have the courtesy to appreciate others when they do good deeds day in day out. Any reactions ?
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    Have you ever thanked the fire in your life? I don't think so. You enjoy the cooked food but never thank the fire that helped to cook the food. In this world, there are many such big things that we don't think and thank but curse when they cause ill effects. Have you ever thought of thanking the water? Have you ever thought of the air you breath and thanked? It is an unexplainable subject for discussion, may it be a small needle or a big crow bar.
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    No, I have never thanked a needle. Have you thanked one?
    My reason for not showing a needle this basic courtesy is simple – I don't think inanimate things understand gratitude.
    If I have to thank someone it would be the one who invented the needle or the 'women folk' (as you put it) who darn and mend torn clothes. It is them that need to be thanked.
    It is a great message for introspection – but the example of a non-living has me flummoxed.

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    Going by this logic all inanimate objects in our household like utensils, furniture, crockery, scissors, knife, toothbrush etc. deserve thanks as they make our life easier in one way or the other. Needle sometimes pinches also but spoon which helps us in eating food or ladle which helps in cooking food, never pinches.
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    We don't find time even to express our gratitude to those people, who have stood by us in need; what to talk about being grateful to inanimate objects like needle.
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