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    'Self-centered' Parties have no future-Do you agree?

    Most of the regional parties in our country are self-centered. These parties originate from personal charisma of an individual who makes the party into one man army. Every one has to obey the boss and there is no second chance to say their opinion in any issue. In such parties there is no second level leadership develops. If any eventuality arise there will be no one to handle the situation and the party may dismantled in course of time. Not only Regional parties but National parties also facing such situation because parties are not allowing second level leaders to emerge in their parties. For example Congress party all the time encouraged family members to emerge to the top most position. Due to this at present there are no talented leader to take stock of the present situation. Folks, do you agree with this view? Discuss your ideas and opinions.
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    Yes the author made the right submission through this post. Most of the regional parties are existing either because of their leader charisma or they do not want National parties to rule them. But regional party bosses are not creating a second in command with the fear that they would be neglected by the people. Moreover there should not be a family rule. Even outsider who is active and trust worthy in the party can be made a second in command. In that way there wont be vacuum in the event of sudden death of the party president.
    K Mohan
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    Going by the above logic, BJP appears to be the best party as there is a cadre based system in the same - no family or the dynastic system like congress, SP or DMK and no charismatic personality cult like in the case of BSP, AIADMK or All India Trinamool Congress .
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    I totally agree with the fact you have mentioned. My father used to say that these are not political parties, these never going t know, understand or do for nation. These are like personal firms or business made for personal use and can live till the maker survives.
    However I do understand importance of local parties in National politics but none of the local party is fulfilling the role they have been given in system or constitution.

    Chitra Rana

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