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    How to make your home arranged and clutter free? Share simple and easy ways.

    Day to day cleaning and arrangement of items are one in every home but it takes a lot of time if done on weekends. There are a few ways which can help you in keeping your home more arranged with a little effort. Here are the few:
    1. Arranging small clothes separately. Socks, hankies, ties like small garments can be arranged in separate box/cartoon. Instead of keeping those one on another, roll those and put closely. This way you will have all in view, easy to chose and also will not have to throw all your clothes on ground to find one.
    2. Kids clothes can be kept as all t-shirts together and pants together.
    3. Make space for everything, and keep a place for anything which is not at right place can be kept at that place. This will help you in not wasting your time to search for what all are not at place. You can put anything at right place while work, not particular time is needed for this.

    Member are requested to add more ways.
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    Arranging the things inside a home is the great art and every one is habituated and achieved success over it. When the house is having children surely the things would be shabby and cleaning has to be done often. First of all keep out breakable items from the reach of the children. Never inculcate the habit of feeding the child with your hands. The child would be running here and there to eat food and the particles are thrown here and there all the house over. Inculcate the habit of eating on his own. Like wise children must keep their dress and socks in their own allotted bin and that would facilitate for the mother to wash the clothes if required.
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    Inculcating a simple habit of restoring the things to their original places without postponing the same for a later time is an effective method of maintaining house clutter free and tidy.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    People generally think that keeping a home clean and organized must take a lot of time. I keep getting this question thrown at me, by visitors – how do you keep your home clean. If you dust/clean every day, you won't be spending hours removing the muck from surfaces. Here are a few tips that are easy to practice:

    1. Designate a place for every item. For instance, have a fixed place for the gas stove lighter or the sugar box etcetera, in the kitchen. Likewise, the TV remote, the comb, your handbag and every other item that is in daily use, must have a fixed place, where it goes, after use.
    2. Every member of the family must know that things are to be kept back after use. It doesn't just keep the clutter out, it also saves precious time – you don't have to keep searching for items.
    3. Train kids young – it soon becomes a habit.
    4. Tidy up after you – it takes just a second to neatly fold the paper after reading it or straightening the bedcover, after lying/sitting in bed or remove the dishes from the dining table.
    5. Organize and label stuff that is used rarely, before storing it.
    6. Don't procrastinate, do what is to be done, right away – fold the dry laundry instead of leaving it on the sofa or chair.

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    Follow "occupy the corners" rule. Put all the furniture you have in the center of the room. Pull out all kind of accessories and throw them at respective corners. Make sure than seats always face towards TV and away from windows or doors. Arrange curtains or racks for shoes. Arrange hooks on walls to hang bags and keys. Make sure you make the room look like it has more space. Yes, like my predecessors said, align things in a particular order and assign every good to it's place.
    As for the dirty laundry, keep a basket, which hides above the cupboard, and inside the cupboard your clothes and articles.

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    To make your Home arranged and clutter free you need to declutter your minds and hearts first.
    Place and designate each and everything in their given place and space but make sure that given space should suit the flavour of your interior and at the same time it is functional.
    Even with the clumsy and clutterful things you can beautify your Home pertaining they are placed tastefully and aesthetically.
    Your Home personifies your INNER personality. So try to have those furnitures,glasswares and other items of your taste and gift out or donate those items which create hurdles and barriers in your thinking and environment of your Sweet Home.
    To give-away is the best way to declutter and arrange your Home within no time.
    Every Family member should be made to understand that a Serene Home will not only save our time but also keep us Healthy,Wealthy and Fortunate.
    Books,clothes,utensils and other accessories should be placed in order at that very moment after they are used.
    Learn to appreciate your kids efforts to declutter and arrange their rooms .This will incalcate a good habit in them and they woul also Love the Serenity and an organized Home.

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