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    What importanant five changes you want to see in Indian education system?

    From the ancient times on wards Indian education system is known to be very good. But times have changed and so many changes have taken place world wide with regard to the education. Many of the view that there must be some vital re-organization in Indian educational system is needed according the needs of the time. I want to see these five important changes in Indian education system:
    1. At schooling age school bag size should be reduced. Modern Laptop like equipment to be used to reduce the school bag size.
    2. Syllabus content for each year should be reduced in any course of education system up to Degree level. Repetition of topics to be avoided so that course content will be less in each year. Less topics which should be dealt in a detailed way to be followed.
    3. Practical approach should be given more importance than theory as we are following at present in India. Doing projects and assignment works will help the students learning by doing.
    4. Essay mode writing exams to be stopped. More emphasis should be given for objective, creative and concept base learning in exams.
    5. Job guarantee education system has to be framed.

    These are my priorities of changes in the education system. What about you folks?
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    The above list is quite perfect for the faults in our education system. The most important change I would like to see would be the elimination of the stressful qualifying and competitive exams in India like IITJEE,UGCNET and many more.
    According to me, they are not the way of judging a student's understanding of concepts and the right approach to admission in the premier institutions.
    I can't imagine being judged as a failure if I cannot qualify a test like this with almost lakhs of such students competing and only the top 15% being declared as qualified and eligible. There are soft skills,application of knowledge,techniques of learning , communication skills which should also be taken into consideration for the final score.
    Only theoretical knowledge and luck cannot change anyone's destiny nor can make the person weaker in knowledge than another.

    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    Very serious, most important topic which should be discussed at first at every level, from national government to every school with every teacher and student.
    To best of my thoughts these five points can transform Indian education totally:
    1. Do not force education to all the children in same classroom pattern. Let every child get some time to understand a few basic things by herself. Let her discover her hunger to know things. Don't hammer education through eyes to mind.
    2. Once a child became aware naturally, start asking for more things then her hunger should be satisfied with practical approach. Books should be introduced much later.
    3. Every teacher must realize how important role they are in and so should be made realized to students. Still after a basic level they should be free to chose a or two particular streams to explore more about it and converting it to her career.
    4. Vocational training, skill development should also b emphasized and due value given to skilled.
    5. If anything possible an alternative should be there for formal examination. Till then exams can continue to find really potential expert for being future professionals.

    Chitra Rana

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