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    If bank officials are not clean we cannot cleanse the system

    We read the news about few individuals possessing new currency notes worth 100 crore and they were caught during IT raids. How is it possible to get such a huge amount of new currency. Who is the culprit who help to exchange such a big money. Can we say that it is the corrupt bank officials? Or is there any one else who can be blamed? Discuss this serious issue seriously.
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    In India there are certain people who are smart enough to en cash from the government system loopholes and for that the government alone is responsible. When RBI released new currencies to each and every bank, they must have the inventory of serial numbers thus issued to each bank and that would prevent corruption and also the culprits would be caught and booked. But I am surprised how the RBI was so relaxed in this situation. Even in small companies when the consignment goes out there would be challan , gate pass and even the description of goods. Likewise RBI should have maintained the records of new notes dispatch to banks and they would have nabbed the bankers going wrong. And there seems to be wide difference between collection and disbursement. This should also be looked into by CBI.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I am shocked and a bit saddened at the reports of possible collusion of bank officials in converting black money for some people.
    Such things should not be allowed if the government is sincere in its aim and purpose. There should be thorough investigation. The wrong doers, whoever it be, should be exposed, brought before law and punished exemplarily to give a deterrent effect for others. This once more shows that the corrupt always are very alert and smart and find quick ways to safeguard their interests.

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