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    A gentle request to ISCians - a little less indifference please to what you type


    There seems to be an increasing, and I should say alarming, trend of members to being totally indifferent to checking out what they are submitting in the forum. Do check out the text of your forum thread or forum response. It hardly takes a few seconds to go back to see what you typed out after you have hit the submit button.

    It is not merely a question of a word being wrongly used, such as loose instead of lose, but also letter-dropping in haste. That is, a word may be missing some alphabets. This especially matters if you don't want the word to be something else which could change the meaning of the sentence (e.g. instead of typing the work know you type now.) Then there is the bad form of writing somebody's name incorrectly, whether of an ISCian or of a politician or of anybody else. It is really not good to change somebody's name.

    So please do pay attention on:
    1. Using the correct word
    2. Not splitting words
    3. Checking spellings of words

    Try to improve your grammar skills too via forum interactions.

    Some useful resources for you which have been posted in the past:
    1. Learn from our 'Learn English' section about similar sounding words
    2. A fun activity of similar sounding words
    3. Don't divorce these words
    4. Do not separate the head from the body
    5. Pay attention to the red curvy lines

    Remember: the forum is an excellent platform for you to become a good content writer! Use it wisely and double check all that you write here.
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    Now let's see who can catch the wrong words which I typed in my text above!
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    In the sentence ... 'That is, a word may be missing some alphabets' written in the thread, I think instead of the word 'alphabets', use of the word 'letters' would have been more appropriate.
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    (e.g. instead of typing the work know you type now.)

    It should be 'word' instead of 'work'.

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