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    'What if' mass of Earth = mass of Hypothetical object ?

    Gravity- The pulling force towards the Earth . Actually, this gravity acts towards centre of the Earth and impacts more on the body with larger mass (larger the mass, larger the force of gravity ).So, if there is a hypothetical object ( neglecting it's formation , creation etc ) which is equal to the mass of the Earth ,then where does the force of gravity act ?
    What happens to the object ?
    What if the object has greater mass than that of the Earth ?
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    That's an interesting question. I don't think you'd find an answer until there is a proper explanation for 'gravity'.

    I'd venture to say that there is no gravity as such, but rather the relative density of different mediums that give the impression of 'gravity' as we know it for years. The apple falls from tree to ground by pull of gravity.
    So, the apple story can be reworded as, the apple appears to fall to the ground because it is much denser the air it is falling through.

    To your question, if there is another object of same mass as earth, it would probably just be there unless some other force makes it to move towards or away from the earth. It should be same even if the mass is larger than earth. The earth is much larger than the moon, but they just hang there without the moon getting pulled closer to the earth by this mysterious gravity.

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