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    Inflatable NBC Shelter devised by Bharat Electronics

    During the month of November, 2016, we organised an international conference on disaster risk reduction. Along with the conference, an exhibition was also held to show-case India's progress in this field.

    As an organiser, I did not get much opportunity to visit all the stalls. However, I visited few stalls, out of which I was extremely impressed by the stalls of DRDO and Bharat Electronics. Both the organisations have developed extremely useful instruments and equipments in the field of disaster risk reduction. One such equiment is Inflatabale NBC shelter developed by Bharat Electronics. Some of the salient features of this shelter are:-
    (a) The material used is Neoprene rubber coated Nylon air tubes with Kevlar sleeves.
    (b) The shelter is provided with CO2 cylinder and portable compressor.
    (c) The shelter is useful at any extreme environment prevalent in India.
    (d) It is sustainable against wind speed of 60 km./hour.
    (e) The shelter is provided with toilet, wash basin and urinal.
    (f) It is provided with LED flood-light and multi-tier beds.
    (g) The shelter is transportable on Stallion Mk-IV vehicle.
    (h) It is installable within one hour by five persons.

    When I minutely examined the shelter, I felt very proud of achievements of Indian scientists. This NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) shelter has been developed by Indian scientists at an extremely low cost and such shelters would be extremely useful and life-saving in the eventuality of NBC disaster.
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    A most useful product indeed. If I am not mistaken, neoprene is waterproof as it is used by those who enjoy water sports. What I was curious to know was: How many people can stay at a time within such a shelter?
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    Ms. Vandana: Neoprene is water-proof. It has been utilised with innovativeness in this sheltar along with Kevlar sleeves. Kevlar jackets are used as bullet-proof vests.
    In the standard shelter developed by Bharat Electronics, a family of 4-5 can comfortably live. In emergency, eight people can be accommodated without much difficulty.

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    Surely this information is very useful to the trekkers and other adventurists who are fond of visiting far off and remote places in earth and want to live there. If it really works then the Infrastructure people who wants to accommodate their staff at the site itself for 24 hours can consider this product which seems to be interesting and very useful. But the author has not given the price details. Any product which is affordable and suitable to the usage price wise would be instant hit. I would request the author to write a article on this new finding so that many in the world would know about it.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: this is not an ordinary tent. This is NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) Shelter. This special tent can be used to save life during such disasters.
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