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    Thematic contest: How can a senior citizen contribute for the society?

    In October, 2016, I got a chance to visit an old-age home in Delhi. I was very impressed by the mental alertness of the senior citizens staying there and by their zeal to utilise their experience for the society. I wrote about my visit in a thread: Is there any way to utilise the expertise of senior citizens?

    Now I am planning to organise a thematic contest on this issue. Imagine you are a senior citizen. Write a short article on your plan/idea to contribute for the society as a senior citizen. If you are a senior citizen, you may write what you are actually doing for the society. If you are not, write about your future plan. Think hard, be creative. Write your ideas in 200 words. Submit your write-up as a response to this thread. The last date is 15th December, 2016 ( Midnight-Indian Standard Time).

    A participant can submit maximum two entries. I will select three best write-ups and gift three items from the virtual-gift shop to the best writers.

    I humbly request all Members (including the Editors) to take part in this creative contest.

    [I will also submit my write-up after the contest.]
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    According to the younger generations, the best contribution by senior citizens to this society is keeping quite in a corner of the house without questioning or commenting or advising others. If they said anything or giving advice on anything that should be a controversy to them so, the silence from their part is best as it avoids the quarrel or dispute.

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    The senior citizen after their retirement should open a shop with a sign board ' Senior citizen guide' Expertise in...........'
    This would invite the people passing by to get their problems solved. This is what the best that can be done by a senior citizen to our society. In our old age we may not be able to run and do service to the society. Just sit,relax and work peacefully without any pain or gain. Further, the senior citizen can have a computer and share their views, put up proposals, suggestions etc as we do it at ISC. This would keep the senior citizen mentally healthy.

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    "It is because we are so dependent on others that we are made to count our days until our end in our society,' said I,to my son,Shekhar.
    This nuisance of making me sign the papers for transfer of my pension and the property to his account had originated suddenly.I had been diagnosed with a deadly tumour in my stomach and the pain I felt when he came with his request that day was greater than this physical pain..
    I, his father, Professor Raghunath Singhania had never ever felt so hopeless and grieved( even after my dear wife, Sharmila's death..)
    I opened my laptop and my only thought was to put my money to good use before my death.
    It had been dream to spread my knowledge of psychology to many students across the world.I came across an interesting website,indiastudychannel devoted to spreading knowledge.
    I immediately joined as a member and started posting useful articles.Within two days, my articles were getting approved and lots of cash credits as this was a rare subject.I was amazed how easily I could fulfill my last wishes so easily and leave a mark for the real people who showed respect to their parents..

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    A senior citizen can be helpful in two ways. One for his own family by giving expertise advise and for the society or the country by giving marg darshak tips. I have invariably seen that if a senior citizen is present in a house, the children are nurtured with good education, good manners, respecting elders and above all the elders would have lots of fun time with the grand children. Likewise for the country also the government can take expert advise from the elders who have mostly worked in good government jobs earlier or retired from private sector with good position. So while doing planning, government must seek senior citizen advises. But we are now finding that the young generation are against the advise of senior citizens and they wont even give a hearing for their advise. Senior citizens are the treasure to the country and they must be consulted for every big decision.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Till now, I have received only four responses. Out of these four responses, two responses are very brief. In fact I am not sure whether these two can be considered as write-up or not.

    I expect more enthusiastic participation from Members. Those Members who have already furnished their first responses, can submit their second write-ups.

    The deadline is Midnight of 15.12.2016.

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    Are you worried about the length of the response or the contents inside the response. Your said word limit is in 200 words. Be specific with minimum and maximum word limit.

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    Mr. Sun: I am not worried about the length of the write-ups. But frankly speaking, I want something more interesting, something more reliable, more solid.
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    The participation is not very good. The last date of submission of entry is midnight of 15th December, 2016.
    I am submitting my entry in advance. Of course, it will not be considered for any award.

    29th October, 2027 (Friday), 5 p.m. Conference hall of a Ministry.
    The farewell programme has started. The old man is as usual restless. Even on his last working day, there is not an iota of emotion in him. He is at the middle of the dais. The Secretary of the Ministry gave a speech detailing the man's career in Central Government. Then three colleagues and sub-ordinates of the man talked about their association with the man who is superannuating on that day. The retirement benefits and PPO were handed over. The man is totally detached. The high tea is over. Throughout the ceremony, the old man has been impatiently looking at his wrist-watch.
    Last night the man had a heated argument with his wife. His wife wanted to organize a small celebration party at their residence. The man strictly forbade his wife to do so. Even he politely rejected the offer from the Secretary to work as Senior Consultant in the Ministry for another two years. The colleagues and sub-ordinates are perplexed. When every other officer wants re-employment after retirement, this man is not at all willing to work. What will he do after retirement?
    The old man has chalked out his future plan. He is waiting for the next day (30th October, 2027). On the day he will officially get the status of senior citizen. But his mind is working like an energetic young man. He is going to start a new coaching institute to train economically backward young people for various competitive examinations. During his youth, he used to do this. Later he had to discontinue this due to increasing responsibilities in office, but he kept himself in touch with the changing patterns of question papers.
    Now he has no other obligation. His pension and other benefits are more than sufficient to sustain him and his wife. Now time has come to work for the society.
    From tomorrow the old man is going to help young people to prepare for competitive examinations. He will enter a new phase of life.

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    "To help the young generation to prepare for competitive examination." Is the core of your response. Should this need such a lengthy unwanted elaboration. Your response is very brief than my point with unwanted sentences that increased your length.

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    Mr. Sun: I accept your criticism with all humility. Waiting for more responses including your second entry.
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    I saw my dear childhood friend with tears in his eyes.
    I was going for my evening walk and saw him sitting on the pavement with a suitcase by his side.He had been ill since a week and unable to receive medical care.His son and daughter in law had threatened him to leave the house as he was becoming a burden on them...
    They were unable to meet the expenses and didn't want to spend lakhs on the required surgery of his leg.
    I immediately pledged with him to develop a self made respite home for many such aged people in the society.
    As I already had a plot registered for construction,I immediately ordered that it be made a place of respite,a home for emotional and monetary support.
    I named it "BeingAged" , a contribution for bereaved aged people without family support .

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    Sorry, No second entry, Sun's one entry is equal to 100 entries. I follow the path of Rajnikanth's Film Basha.

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    As a senior citizen, I would like to launch a website wherein all individuals including senior citizens will be free to post their contents irrespective of the merits of the same. Such a system will enable the senior citizens to vent their feelings as generally nobody listens to them in person. The only constraint in such a system will be that the individuals will have to be computer literate and have a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone, an internet connection and a cataract free eyesight good enough to work on computers.

    It will be a great service to the society as the individuals will be able to pass their time and have a false notion of having a (virtual) family and people who care for them by reading their contents and post responses on the same. There will be no qualitative evaluation of such contents and even sharing of contents from other social media which may or may not be true, will be allowed. It will function as a dustbin of feelings for accommodating all kinds of written contents as a social welfare measure for people who find no other avenue to vent their feelings or no individual to listen to them in person.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Partha, can you extent the deadline till midnight of 20th December? We may get more entries!
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    #585992: As the number of entries received so far is not satisfactory, the deadline of submitting write-ups is extended till Midnight (Indian Standard Time) of 20th December, 2016.
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    The extended deadline for submission of write-ups will be over at midnight today. Members may submit their write-ups as early as possible.
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    Me as a senior citizen, I will make groups of people meeting weekly or daily. They will have to write their interest, skills, fields they have knowledge about.
    And according groups will be distributed, we will organize meetings, short walks, will ask a few to write most valuable experiences about life. They will have to share an idea to make area, sector, community better, Best will be awarded with a token/certificate.
    Rs. 10 will be collected weekly and once in a year a dream, a wish or just a requirement of a needy old person will be fulfilled.
    In Schools or corporate offices, 1 hour/period of story telling till class VIII. Books critics, motivator, director etc roles can be fulfilled by old age people.
    As a woman I think I will be a part of old age women group, singing songs, traveling together. And share those experiences online.

    Chitra Rana

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    This being a contest, my response commenting a member's response is deleted.
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    The other day I was going through a magazine where I came across a comic strip titled '11 ways to be unremarkably average'. It was the story of a retired man who led a very ordinary life. He never questioned authorities, never achieved anything remarkable, never did anything for the society, environment or even stray animals.

    It struck me that like the protagonist of the story I too was a retired unremarkably average man. I never learned a new language or any musical instruments. Never went for trekking or tried any adventure sports. Never been to any foreign land and all that. While in service I too used to follow the same old routine. Going to office, do routine work, return home, watch TV and follow the same routine the next day too.

    I realized, years or months from now, when I am no more in this world, no one will feel my absence. I will be after all an unremarkably average man, just like in the comic strip. Enough was enough and the very next day I was a changed man, teaching neighbourhood poor kids to live a life less ordinary. No more was I an unremarkably average man.

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    Now it's time to announce the result of the contest. Frankly speaking, I am not very much impressed by the number of entries and also by the quality of the entries. However, the awardees are:-

    1. Ms. ar (For her response #585912)
    2. Mr. Dhruv (For his response #586445)
    3. Mr. Kailash Kumar (For his response #585956)

    The virtual gifts are being sent.

    I express my gratitude and thanks to all participants. I would request the Managing Editor, other Editors and the Members to independently evaluate my response (#585907).

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    Urgent help required from ME: I couldn't send the virtual gift to Ms. ar because earlier this month she received another virtual gift from me (winning another contest). ME may kindly take suitable action so that a virtual gift can be sent to Ms. ar.
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    Let me know which gift to send her & I will do the needful.

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    Ms. Vandana: Kindly send Ms. ar a virtual gold coin on my behalf for winning the contest.
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    The gold coin has been sent just now.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    They have to give at least half of their pension income(Central or State Govt. Employees) to the needy people or run a orphanage house......
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Just received the virtual gold coin announcing me as the winner for this contest.Congrats to my cowinners-Mr Dhruv & Mr Kailash Kumar. Hoping for more such interesting contests and more participants in the future.
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