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    Do you think Mr. Advani last year itself has foreseen economic emergency?

    Last June 2015, Mr. Advani spoke out in media that emergency cannot be ruled out in near future. This announcement in the media by Mr. Advani created some sensation within the political parties as well as in his own BJP party. Some papers in media already quoted that Mr. Advani well in advance know the economic emergency that the country is going to face due to demonetization program announced by Mr.Modi. Is Mr. Advani opposing the demonetization program within the party? Similarly Mr. Subrhmanya Swamy of BJP also announced his dissent regarding this program. Do you think that Mr. Advani know this demonetization well before and he compared this to emergency?
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    Mr. L.K. Advani is now a 'margdarshak' for BJP. He is not in the core decision-making body of the party. He is also not a part of the Government. So, in all probability, he was not aware of de-monetization decision in 2015. Moreover, the Government has gone for de-monetization only after the completion of self-declartion period of black money scheme was over on 30th September, 2016.
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    The equation between Advani and PM Modi is not good, ever since Modi was shifted from Gujarat to Delhi politics. By the way he was elevated to be the PM candidate, Modi has seen total non liking from Advani and hence he is supposed to speak against Modi. India needs a leader with guts. Advani does not have guts equal to Modi and hence he was not liked by the party also in general. Modi might have told in person that he is going to take action against black money and surely not about demonetization. If that was known before hand, then why some BJP leaders are caught with new cash and stash. Therefore I wont agree with the fact that Advani known about the demonetization but he perceived a severe action from Modi and that is happening. Being a marg darshak he should advise Modi on how to tackle the situation to bail out now. But again Modi is capable of taking his own decision.
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    It is just becoming ' wise after the event' to connect what Advani said then and the present currency withdrawal action.
    What Advani said then was more relate to political context and not economical context. It was a double dig and an anticipatory bail by Advani then.

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    As the crow Sat, the palm fruit fell. Advani is not an astroleger or prophet to foresee and foretell the economic emergency. He is the sidelined BJP politician. It could be a coincidence that matched his words emergency. Certainly he did not spell economic emergency. While I fully forgot the name Advani, you reminded it unnecessarily.
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