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    People from Chennai and Andhra Pradesh, how are you??

    Are you a victim of this terrible cyclone Varda? If yes then come here to share your experience. If no, then you can read this article to know the experience of other such people.

    Everybody must be aware that the cyclone Varda has already dived into the coasts of Chennai and Andhra Pradesh. There have been reports of few casualties. Already this cyclone hurled on the islands of Andaman. I hope this cyclone dies down soon and people can resume to normal life.

    There are so many ISCians all over India, especially from these effected areas of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. I would like to request those ISCians to please share your first hand experience in this situation. Tell us how you are coping with this battle with the nature. How much of government assistance are you receiving?
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    NDRF has deployed 7 teams, SDRF has deployed 4 teams. 4 Army battalions have also reached Tamil Nadu. Meanwhile the toll has reached 4 (2 in Chennai, 1 in Kancheepuram, 1 at Nagapattinam). No. of people evacuated and sent to relief camp: 10432. Foodpacket supplied: 11857. No. of trees fallen: 3384, cleared so far: 696. No. of roads blocked: 89, cleared:30. EB polls fallen: 84, Transformers damaged: 30. At least four 24x7 helplines opened.

    Advance warning was issued. Adequate publicity was given. As a result, the loss of life and property would be minimum. However, the toll of cattles is not yet known.

    I congratulate my colleagues for the successful advance warning, brilliant ongoing relief operations and systematic evacuation. Best wishes to all!

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    Well I am in Telangana which is not affected by the Cyclone effect. But chilly wind has been blowing since two days and has increased the cold conditions in Hyderabad. This time TN government has to be congratulated for taking precautions by cutting the big trees which may cause havoc with the cyclonic storm winds and thus the Chennai Metro is not that much affected. Even the storm drains have been cleaned up from silts and paved way for flow of storm water. The people from low lying areas have been evacuated and shifted to relief camps. With no loss of lives the situation seems to be under control in AP and TN.
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    It is unfortunate to AP and Tamil nadu that some parts of it damaged. Today I have seen in newspaper that this major havoc hit Chennai and some parts in Chittoorand Nellore disricts. It seems to be very dangerous cyclone to the south coastal areas of AP and Chennai. Due to speedy winds, weighty trucks, trees and electric poles were uprooted. It is to be fear that the wind speed is 110 kmph. However, we pray to God that this calamity may be dye down.

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    Hope all our friends and relatives as also others in the affected areas are safe and sound! It might take a few days to come back to normal life but let's hope it does not take much time. The government of Tamil Nadu seem to have reacted well to the warning and taken sufficient precautions but the speed of Vardha was much more than what was calculated and that could have caused some unprecedented damages. Take care!
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    I am a Tamil hailing from Tirunelveli of Tamilnadu presently at Bangalore. I had been watching the Vardah passing through Chennai over the Television channels. This is to be noted that the metrological department predicted the Vardah and it's movement towards Chennai very accurately with the correct date , time, direction and speed (12 November, between 2 and 5 P.m. speed up to 120 km) This has helped the state administration to be prepared to meet the eventualities. As they had time to react, there was no much death toll. I had contacted my friend at Chromepet while the Vardah crossed Chennai. He said that there was no electricity since morning and heavy wind was passing through with heavy rain showers.

    What I now pray is- In future too, our Indian met department should work in the same way to help the administration and the public to remain safe and secure during such natural disaster events.

    I should not fail to congratulate our met department and the government machineries who handled Vardah in a very cool manner.

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    I was watching TV and internet news reports throughout the day and evening yesterday. I was a bit relieved when there were not much loss of life reported. However there was a alert that it can be more severe in the latter half. , Till near midnight I was watching news reports. Today early morning it was slightly raining and weather was chill and eerie in our place also. Now it is nearing twelve noon and it is cloudy and gloomy.

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    Last year flood and this year wind. that is the different. But the damage made by both are almost same. Most of the trees are either in road or in other side. Walls of many small houses and houses which are having asbestos sheet as roof are no more. Never seen this kind of wind in my lifetime and sound was very very scary. The highest speed of the wind is recorded as 190KMPH. Many lower income people lost their houses. Situation seems normalcy when we see from outside because of no rain reported since last 12 hrs and no flood.

    People who are crying for cashless economy immediately, please come and see the ground reality in Chennai. Today I went almost 10 medical shops starting from MedPlus to Apollo, none of them accept cards since no power and no tower.


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    In the morning I watched the Sun Network news which covered the Vardah devastation in detail and I could find the wind at greater speed uprooted nearly 4000 big trees and made many homeless in low lying areas as their roof tops went tossing. But what annoyed me that some youth who gathered at the Marina Beach to have the first hand experience of the wind were caught unaware and were made to run for life. Hope these youth must have learned lesson on nature fury and we must not play with the nature force. How their parents allowed them to the Beach at that hour is the big question?
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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