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    Are grand and lavish weddings really necessary?

    There are many people who want to perform their wedding very lavishly. They spend crores together for the sets, decorations and also food. Most of the times, the food also gets wasted. Recently one such grand wedding was of politician Janardhan Reddy's daughter. He spent around 100 crores for the wedding where each wedding card itself costed around 6k. With the same Money, he could have fed 1000's of poor people.
    Every parents wish to perform the marriage party in a grand way but unnecessary expenditure is really waste. Do you also think it's a waste and could be used for a better cause? Or do you think it's ok to spend so much as it will be a one time celebration?
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    I feel pity at the ignorance of some affluent persons who want to display their wealth super power in front of the public by organizing grand and lavish wedding celebrations as if they and their memories are going to stay for ever. Marriage is the convenience of meeting two hearts and two families and with some relatives and friends, the celebration can be limited even held at the house. Given the crash crunch and shortage of money, now a days thinking of such lavish expenses is foolish behavior. But still we are seeing grand reception and surely the IT authorities would chase them. Instead of spending on lavish decorations and articles, the money holders can satisfy the poor and the needy so that they can install family away from poverty and hunger and thus remain the God figure for them for ever. This kind of thought would never enter the rich and their money would be wasted.
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    I think such type of wastage expenses occurs in our country recent times. Why does rich people show their egoism in front of poor and middle class people in the form of hectic arrangements of decorations. Recently, in news paper, with just 500 rupees, IAS couple married and in the next day they went in their respective duties. They have given much importance to the time. I think grand arrangements making to weddings is time consuming to the people who does for it.

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    Spending huge amount of rupees on marriages should be banned strictly. Those who are spending lakhs and crores of rupees on self marriages are son's/daughter's marriages, there declared source of income,declared assets, total property must be brought to the notice of common people through different modes of media. These type of characters must be blacklisted in the society. We common people should boycott such type of people. More than 90% of citizen are under privileged and 5% people of India are showing their muscle in the form of lavish performance of marriages. It can not be justified in the poor country like India.

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    What good is money if it does no good at all? So if donation is done correctly, lavish marriages aren't all that bad. Imagine that a top notch business man is getting married. Won't you eagerly wait to feast upon the wedding's splendor?
    Lavish weddings are good, because they show how much you are capable of. But make sure you even do good with that money. You can always adopt villages or build schools. That would help you show your affluence even better.
    And a lot of food goes wasted in these marriages. So proper care should be taken about wastage. Else, there is no problem at all.

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    Why one should worry if some one performs a function in a grand manner? It is his hard earned money and he is free to spend it in a manner he likes. They are providing direct and indirect employment to lot of people. We also try to spend money in functions to our financial capacity. All those spending lavishly are capable of earning and spending. If the money they are spending is ill gotten wealth, it is for the Government to investigate and take action. Many of us are now habituated to rent a function hall for birthday celebrations of our children. We are also spending and there is no point in feeling that someone is spending lavishly instead of of that amount to charity.
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    KVRR's opinion is correct to some extent. But, here only thinking about black money not white. With taxable income, one could do marriages in space also. Whoever crore holders, if they want to earn such huge amount, they might deceive the people in some other way by not paying income tax.

    We can celebrate our functions in function halls with our own white money or from debts or else it could not be happened to do such functions.

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    Show of opulence is liked by all. It is varying only in the degree of its manifestation.
    It starts from pride show and boast about our foreign pen, gadget ,costly dress , latest design ornament's etc.
    As ordinary person we may not have that much money to buy and show all costly items, but still we try to get whatever possible and try to be 'exclusive'.

    Some people have acquired wealth in such large quantum that they can buy aeroplanes and have wedding in space vehicles. Those who do not have that much naturally feel jealous. But we try to garb our jealousies in well chosen words and express as if we do not like opulence and gaudiness. That is the truth.

    Personally, I do not have much wealth. I live frugally and to the possible minimum optimum level of expenses. All the weddings or other functions conducted in our family were having the just essentials and the minimum hospitalities normally needed in our life.
    (It is my frugal living that makes me happy with the "one s, twos and fives" that I get from ISC welcome and enjoyable.)

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