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    Do you get attracted to buy items end of season sale?

    As many super markets like reliance, Heritage e.t.c they will promote on leaflets, daily paper toward the end of December of consistently 'end of season deal' which the things will get for less value contrasted with M.R.P.As we as a whole realized that it is not a crisp stock still we get them as a result of less expensive price.Do you get pulled in to purchase the things end of season sale?On all months we purchase and demand the retailer for new stock on just December why we change our mindset.
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    Why not? It is profitable to both the retailer and the consumer. There is no inventory left with the market and customers are happy too getting their products at cheap rates. And the quality remains assured.
    So end of the season sale is pretty good.

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    I used to visit the discount sales and year end sales early. However many times I fund that the benefit is not that much, and we end up buying things which we would have even lived without buying also. Hence now a days I do not visit such year end sales or stock clearance sales.

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    I get attracted to season sales and discounts. They are very interesting and profitable. But we should make sure to check the expiry dates before buying any food items or cosmetics as most of the times only less moment items in market are kept on sale. Sales for clothings and shoes are always good and we can enjoy that.

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