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    What is the exact meaning of Vardah?

    Every word we spell has got its own meaning. As of now the word Vardah is the word being spelt by every one in and around India. It is the word selected by Pakistan to name a tropical storm.

    What do you understand about the word Vardah? Let us put up our own creative thinking about this stormy word Vardah
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    Mr. Sun: This name of the cyclone has been given by Pakistan. The meaning of this word is 'Red Rose'.
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    The meaning of Vardah is 'Red Rose'. Vardah is Arabic and Hebrew name commonly used by Muslims and Jews for baby girls.

    In Tamil, the word 'Vardha' sounds like 'Varudha?' which means – "Is it coming?" Lot of funny memes relating to cyclone Vardah and the word varudha is circulating in the social media. Finally 'Vardah' came with a heavy blow and have destroyed lot of public and private properties.

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    The Vardah has been christened rightly by Pakistan as it also coincides with the same meaning in Telugu. In Telugu Varada means floods. So it really matches to the situation of cyclone turning in to floods.
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