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    RBI has records of new currency movements. Culprits misuing would be caught

    Elsewhere in a reply to a thread here I suggested that when the companies maintain challan and record of goods going out, like wise RBI is also maintaining the record of new notes getting out its place to various banks across the country and the serial numbers of such high end notes are also with the possession of RBI. Now RBI wants the banks to give the details of new notes disbursed and they have in stock. So what ever the Managers of various banks have done by exchanging old notes for new without records and going to face the tune if not today but later. So public need not worry, the wrong doers are chased and booked to justice after 30th Dec.
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    Simple and Single answer from Government for all the queries about demonetization is wait till 30th Dec'16 and normalcy will be back and black money will be cleaned out. I am eagerly waiting for 1st Jan'17 and Government's statement on demonetization.

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    After 31 December, the houses and the bank lockers of the bank managers and staff should be raided to unearth the new currency notes. They should be dealt with severely by dismissing them from the bank services with some jail terms, if found guilty of helping black money holders and for holding some percentage of black money received as commission. Hope Modi would do it to fine tune the banking system and put them in order.
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    Just today, a senior RBI officer is reported to have been arrested from Bangalore for conniving with black money holders and helping them to make their money white. So I doubt whether the author is right. RBI need to check their own staff and also ensure follow up of the staff from other banks before trying to find mistakes with the common people. This is more of an eye wash to divert the attention of the public from the actual problem being faced by the country at this juncture and we all know why it so done!
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    From the very beginning there was a doubt that some unscrupulous RBI officials and some bank officials were involved in illegally converting OHD notes to some people.

    I am sure such criminals will be caught and will be given exemplary punishment. Those who are supposed to be guards and guardians are involved in stealing. That cannot be given any leniency at all. Government should come heavily on them bringing them to law at the earliest without allowing delay and loopholes.

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    What would happen if the fence start eating the crops? The same thing has happened here. RBI officers are the Chief culprits who helped the black money holders to convert them into new currency notes. A raid on all RBI officials is essential on priority. The defaulters should be dealt with severely. The next move should be to demonetise 2000 rupee currency notes ensuring strict measures to supervise the distribution of new 1000 and 500 rupee currency notes. VG
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    When people go greedy they wont care about rules and regulations. Same thing happening with bank staff. Just wait for 16 days and see.
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