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    Being a Foodie- Good or Bad?

    Foodie- A person who has an interest in food; a person who enjoys food for pleasure

    Eating is necessary to live a healthy life. Some people have an extreme love for food and they always try to experience new things in the food. The foodies love to explore all varieties of food without any hesitation and they never think about their health while taking food. Tasting new types of food gives extreme pleasure to the foodies but on the other hand eating all types of food without any restrictions may lead to health problems.

    Are you a foodie? Is being a foodie- Good or Bad?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a foodie?

    Share your views.
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    I proudly proclaim that I am a foodie. I live to eat. I simply don't like the idea of eating to live. The different types of dishes, their aroma, spices and the expectation that I would relish those dishes give me a pleasure which is difficult to describe.
    I also ask others to become foodies.
    Long live foodies!

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    Being a foodie is not at all bad. I am a big foodie and love to explore food of every state but only vegetarian. Many people are foodie as far as I know and only few diet conscious people will have a strong determination in controlling their diet. We should enjoy every type of food but we should always know our limits. There is no disadvantage as such for being a foodie. Advantage is that you get to taste all type of food. Anything we do beyond our limit is a poison and the same goes with food as well. We should know our limits and eat in our limits. If we are allergic to certain food we should avoid it. Also we should be physically active and excercise regularly so that we burn the calories we intake. We should enjoy being a foodie.

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    God has given us one life and we have been given with wonderful taste bud and through our tongue we are blessed to taste different food that are being innovative, tasty and goes with the satisfaction also. I am also a foodie but purely vegetarian. I always admire those who prepare good food with aroma, taste and with the lasting lingering effect. Foodie means not necessarily to eat more. By tasting every item by just licking would also give you the enough satisfaction. By the way when ever a item is prepared I always have the temptation to taste first and know the quality of the food. I have the habit of moving inside the city and knows the best restaurants which are good at some dishes and surely when ever I pass through that area I shall taste that item. That way I get immensely satisfied food wise. But I always take care not to over eat nor eat such item which tell upon my health.
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    I am a foodie myself to the extent that I like to taste the different variety of foods. I agree with some of the responses above that being a foodie doesn't mean that one should be eating too much. Being a foodie is, as what I understand, being in love with good food and an interest towards trying out different recipes by eating as well as cooking.
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    Am I a foodie? No, because I choose to compromise with taste. But I like discovering new tastes. I can't claim that I have tasted all of the India's finest dishes, but a few definitely.
    It is the history rather than taste that attracts me. For an instance when I eat something made of Ragi, I remember that we have been eating it since 3000 BC. Food definitely brings out a lot of history. And the way food is presented matters a lot too. Cooking is the supreme art form.
    As for your question, being a foodie is quite natural. Even animals leave the prey they just hunted and run for a better one when they notice it, because they care about their taste buds. Monkeys literally shun the trees sometimes because they don't get quality fruits from it. So it's alright being a foodie. Psychologically it tells others that you spend a lot of time caring and grooming yourself.

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    Being a foodie is not bad. However, there are people who consume too much high-calorie food which is something beyond being merely a foodie. Such people are obsessive about high-calorie food and keep on grabbing food without any application of mind. Such people become addicted to high calories food like people addicted to alcohol or tobacco. In smaller and medium size cities there are many people who throng popular snack shops even in the morning to consume jalebi, kachori, puri, samosa etc. in breakfast itself followed by several rounds of high-calorie food throughout the day. Therefore, it is perhaps imperative to draw a 'Lakshman Rekha' between being a foodie or an individual bent upon committing harakiri by consuming high calories food thrughout the day till end.
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    Being a foodie, I enjoy veg dishes more and more. During Dhurmasam in the month of December, delicious food is offered to God. In that, I amuse to eat chakra pongali and tamarind rice. These food items are even healthier to us because it contains species.

    As a foodie, I tell that the food which helps to our metabolism is the best food. For example, guava fruits are healthy to our health. There is no harm if we eat excess guava fruits because toxins that releases from such fruits are very less. But, if we eat oil foods in excess that may damage our digestive system. But, we could not stop our tongue to prevent from the oil foods. I like veg food but I eat within limit.

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    Being a foodie is good according to me. Though I am not a foodie (I used to take food of any type but pure vegetarian) and interested to taste all State type dishes like Gujarati Dhokla, Rajasthani Beetroot curry, Karnataka Ragi modhdhe etc., This life is for eating well but we should take care on our health also. But eating well in right age and right time is always right. My wife was very much interested to cook and serve for those who eat well rather than me, till her last breath. Once some of our relatives from Odisha came to our house and stayed for three days and all the three days my wife prepared very different varieties of Tamil Nadu food items to them and they also tasted with much interest. One day we asked their lady to prepare their type of food and we enjoyed.

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    All that can be eaten are the creations of God for the human beings. Why to ignore them and be selective with dishes? We must not deny our body that tastes good. Eat to live and live to eat. So, there is nothing wrong if we are a foodie. But it is better to care our health by limiting the consumption that our body can accept to function normally. Learn and forget is the good proverb in Tamil. 'Kalavum karru mara'(Even we should learn to steal and forget it). So try and eat everything that is liked by your taste buds. Don't regret that you did not eat it in your life. Be a foodie but don't be a slave to food. Please take charge of your food, and let food not take charge of you.
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