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    Are you feeling restraint of economic freedom due to demonetization process?

    India is world's top democratic country through which all people enjoy the freedom of everything without any restraint. Except internal emergency imposed in the past at once after independence, Indian people never faced any kind of freedom restraint . But due demonetization process at present every Indian citizen is facing a kind of economic restraint. Even though people have their own white money in their accounts are unable to withdraw it and use it freely according to their wish. Government is forcing the people to use it according to their directions and also keeping a ration on the quantity of money they can withdraw from the banks. They are directing the people to use the money through debit cards, net banking, wallets etc. without considering their interest. By seeing all these happening do you feel you are subjected to a kind of restraint on economic freedom like the media freedom in emergency period? share your views dear members.
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    Do we feel that our freedom is being restricted when many people have to suffer full body search while entering restricted places of various Government office buildings in Delhi? Do we object restriction of freedom when we wait in traffic light? Do we feel suffocated when we become late due to VVIP movements on road? Do we mind standing in various queue in every week, every month? No, because we have accepted these as necessary inconveniences.

    Is further elaboration necessary?

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    Mr. Partha, The freedom what you are talking is different from what I mentioned in the thread. The type of things what you mentioned is for orderliness and also which facilitates easy way to move in public with safety. But the money what you have hard earned, you have the every right to use it according to your own wish-you can keep that money in business, you can spend lavishly to enjoy yourself in your life, you can donate poor, you can spend on your daily needs according to your priorities, you can save it for future use, you can keep it in share business and what not everything. But this economic freedom is fully curtailed by this demonetization process and that is the issue.

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    Freedom of spending is not the only freedom. And unrestricted freedom is simply not possible because we are social animals.
    Let's forget about demonetization for a second. Even then, can we spend the money as we wish? If a tenant doesn't want to pay the rent to the house-owner every month, what would happen to him/her? If we don't want to pay the bus/train fare stating that it restricts our sense of freedom, what would happen? In society, unrestricted freedom is simply not possible. So, absolute freeom of spending is also not possible.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Every one would sincerely admit that after demonetization the spending spree of the people has drastically reduced and we are now very choosy about spending and wants only those things which are urgent and important. Either too we were spending money like water but now we are thinking twice to spend money. Moreover having a bigger currency in hand and not getting the required change of small notes for that, people are postponing their wants for future and that way some austerity measures has set in all of us and that will ease only after much currencies are available at the ATM's fully.
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    Yes. I lost my economic freedom. Economy will hurt if there is no spending. I am very doubtful about the success of demonetization process by seeing the recent RBI data and IT raids. Pain so far had by common man wont have any fruitful result. Government said you can withdraw 24K every week and later relaxed that restriction also. But when we go to bank, they are saying no cash no cash. No cash in ATM and No cash in Bank. Government says they have released enough cashes then where all the currencies are going? Whether government is cheating the people by saying released enough cash or it goes as black money. God only knows which is true.

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