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    What will happen if the star tumbled from sky to earth?

    In my Adolescence days when I dozed night outside of my empty range I typically gaze at the stars and Abruptly I got a thought that what will happen in the event that one of the star turn out from sky to earth?As I asked to my older folks they told they will be enormous blast will occur whole earth will get burst... What will happen if a star tumbled from sky to earth?Do you think it will happen?Knowledgeable individuals please respond to the question...
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    Bhushan when we go to the village and sleep on the cot in open, we could clearly see night sky with full of stars and that visual cannot be forgotten as I had seen that many times. Coming to your question. Please note that stars are very small to our eyes. That means they are very far off from the earth and they are actually big in size. Even if your notion to be taken and stars were about to fall from their position, by the time they reach the earth they would get damaged and broken into pieces due to presence of extreme air, water and other particles in the air. Some times we see stars with tail charging towards the earth and we feel that it is going to fall on the earth. But it will burn in the space itself. By the way when ever we see a star with tail formation charging towards the earth some great person in this country would die. That has been proved beyond doubt many time and I have seen such star when Rajiv Gandhi was killed.
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    A star is milion times bigger and heavier than the earth. So, if a star falls on earth, then all of us will reach our ultimate destination together.
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    Do star is bigger than Earth? Is it scientifically proved?
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    Yes, stars are bigger than earth. It has been scientifically proved. The sun is a star and it is bigger than the earth. So, it has greater gravitational pull and it is attracting the earth towards it. So, the earth is moving round the sun. Reference: Kepler's laws of planetary motion.
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    Actually all stars are atleast a million times larger than our sun in diameter. And stars don't fall. Like everything that's born in this universe, there comes a time for a star to die too.
    When a star dies, it either forms a super-nova or a white-dwarf or a black-hole according to it's size.
    Two or more star systems sharing energy mutually will explode and release a massive amount of energy when they die. It's called Supernova. Or super heavy stars can also die a supernova death.
    When small stars get their core energy exhausted, they fuse into a large carbon mass called White Dwarf.
    Sun can become a White Dwarf when it dies.
    Supernova stars finally settle into void and forms a black hole.
    Stars definitely live a great life and die a grand death.
    And they are never going to fall.

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    If at all that happens lest mark that time as the death of our planet EARTH. Due to its bigger size there is a chance for us all to take our last breath at that particular time when it intends to fall... thats to the lighter side, joke !!

    With the environmental changes getting worser day by day its pretty a good thought from you, cos there is a chance for the unexpected to happen in each and every moment ahead.
    ( Hoping nothing such happens... phew !!)

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