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    How to write the article

    Am a member of isc. I did a grammatical mistake and Sentence formation. Am interesting to work isc. Can u help me Guys.
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    Do not worry. You will develop English and writing skills as you go along here at ISC. Use the forum as your base. Start interacting with members in the various threads. Read carefully how members respond, look up the dictionary for words whose meanings you did not understand, see how sentences are formed and spacing is done, where punctuation is placed, etc. Free online grammar tools are also available, but may not be 100% accurate.

    For starters, avoid using short forms of words like 'u' instead of 'you'. This resource may also help you: Good article writing tips. You can also learn English from our Learn English section.

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    Hi Joseph,
    Before posting in any section in this website, go through its guidelines. If you are unable to find any info, you can post a thread in Forum section to get it clarified. There are various sections in this site which can help you to share your knowledge and earn little money. Go through your posts twice before submitting to avoid any grammatical mistakes. As mentioned in the above response, start responding to forum threads to get more hands on and also to know updates from this site.


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    Joseph Stalin warm welcome to this site as a new member and great to note that you want to write articles for this site. Very good decision and I welcome it. But before that visit this forum section daily and practice your writing skills by raising a post or responding to many threads which would help you to write correctly without any grammar mistake. Once you get confidence and interest, then start contributing in the article section. In article section you have to coin out good heading, nice summary and best body content and in the end you have to give conclusion remarks on the article raised. By that way you can coin out any article on any topic and make it sure that you are not copying from any source or making any grammatical mistakes. So before that read the posting guidelines and help topics and better understand this site and then proceed. Also visit various articles already published to get a brief idea.
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    Mr Joseph Stalin Good Luck to start your journey in ISC. Before writing an article, try to write in forum's about your doudt's. As author Vandana mentioned stop using short form of words as we use in message typing in cell phones, chatting. Be active in most of the sections, so that you will have the recent updates of ISC.

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