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    Is it true that due to less education, Modi could not grasp consequences of demonetization?

    The irrepressible Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said today that Narendra Modi could not grasp the devastating consequences of demonetization due to his less education. He also demanded that the truth of Modi's degrees should be disclosed as it is a fundamental right of the people.

    He told the journalists that 'since Modiji is less educated he has taken the decision to demonetize currency without discussing it with anyone'.

    Do you see any substance in his observation or dismiss such allegations as a publicity statement, characteristic of people like Arvind Kejriwal? Also, is there any relation between the level of education of the Prime Minister and fiscal decisions taken by him?
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    Here the question of education does not arise. People gave him the tremendous mandate and for the first time BJP is standing on its own with majority and not at the mercy of NDA partners. So PM Modi is having lots of guts to take the punitive action on black money and those who are most affected are only rumbling. It is a pity that over the last few months Kejriwal has been changing his priorities and planks and thus becoming a laughing stock in the politics. I do not know who is the political advisor of Kejriwal and he is talking non sense in public and get abuses in the social media immediately.
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    Aravind Kejriwal is making himself a comic figure by hanging on anything he gets to beat Modi. Kejriwal has now only one single agenda- hit Modi. He is almost on the verge of extreme madness in this.

    Kejriwal is well educated and was a responsible officer with certain powers in Income Tax department. What he could do in his own government with that education and experience? What he contributed in the field of income tax and revenue enhancement in the last couple of years with his 'education and experience'? Kejriwal got all the benefits of the efforts and vision of the 'less educated' but highly versioned Anna Hazare.

    Modi has a vision about this country. He has got acceptance from many millions from this country and abroad in his actions for the betterment of this country. Kejriwal can only boast of his education and nourish all negative thoughts of personal hatred and enmity. He has betrayed many thousands like me who expected a lot positive contributions to this country, seeing his days in association with Hazare. Kejriwal is almost a spent force and a dead damp squib.

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    Its just a negative comment from the opposition that's all. When any body wants to do some good to country, these people can't bear. Nobody has asked Arvind Kejriwal education nor they have crossed check for truth. Blaming other's is too simple but when they power they know only to misuse it.

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    In my opinion Mr. Modi is not highly educated like some of the individuals who held higher positions in the past governments. No doubt he may not be a corrupt person like other politicians but there is a question mark with regard to the in depth knowledge of various issues of the country. Because he has massive mandate back with him and the name he go t as CM of Gujarat making him a monarch by which simply he is implementing everything that comes into his mind without going into the in depth study of things.

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    Modi is not very qualified even after obtaining Masters Degree, the Prince knows everything by virtue of his birth. And the Queen also knows everything by virtue of her marriage. Simple question-simple answer.

    Sorry! I forgot about Kejri. I would like to know fromm which IIT did he get his degree in Economics.

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    Modi is not appropriate for the Prime Minister post. A Head administrator should be in any occasion all around fit the bill to get a PM situate since he needs to deal diverse things from international affairs to the issues of state level.What Modi is conversing with US president and other international accomplices without knowing proper English just God knows.......... A large portion of the general population in this nation are uneducated or if something great transpires that itself fulfill them or they trust media projections..........
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    It is not true that Sri Modi could not foresee the consequences of demonetization because he was less educated (let Kejriwal have his say; freedom of speech is still a Fundamental Right, I believe!). Education is not a criteria for one to become the Prime Minister of this democracy. But, I repeat, but, he need to be guided properly and he should be ready to accept proper guidance from experts in different fields.

    Whatever be the intention, while taking such an important decision like demonetization, he should have consulted people who are experts in the field and should not have taken it all upon himself so that the credit is not shared. I don't believe that the secrecy(?) was maintained to avoid people turning their black money into white; the further proceedings and happenings disprove that claim. All these IT and enforcement raids could have been conducted even without demonetization. All the so called black money that is being retrieved now has no value if we take the fact that notes of thousand and five hundred denomination have been demonetized; it would not have been so if it was otherwise.

    Reports say that we might have to wait till May '17 (or may be more) for the economy to become stable. I don't know how we will recover the loss that will accrue during these seven or eight months? I may be wrong because I am not an economist or a financial expert, but this is what I feel as a common man.

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    PM is well qualified and experienced politician. He is an MA in political science and 17 years experience as CM +PM, people do not know how the decision are made in government. There was the involvement of RBI, finance ministry, cabinet approval, concerned top secretaries in this demonetization process. P M will say i desire to ban Rs.1000 and Rs500 notes. How it will be done when it will be done ,how to plan. what may be the loophole and how to plug them, this all work is of RBI and finance ministry. How PM can be blamed? Any drastic change do not happen simply, it has to be facilitated in a control and predetermined manner.
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    Sorry N K Sharma @ 586004! What we know is that except for a few in the PMO Secretariat and the top gears at the RBI, no one was aware of this Tsunami coming in, not even the Hon'ble Finance Minister! Let us not try to shift responsibilities now. Our PM was basically on an image building exercise without realizing how things can turn!
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