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    My salute to Ajay Munot!

    When we are habituated to the reports of obscene display of wealth by businessmen, traders and politiciands during the marriages of their children, Aurangabad-based businessman Ajay Munot has set a novel trend. Drastically cutting down the extravagant expenditure during the marriage of his daughter, the businessman built 90 small dwellings for the poor slum-dwellers of his town. He has spent Rs. 1.05 crore for this purpose. Already 40 families have shifted to these newy-built residences. However, Ajay Munot has set a condition to the effect that the residents of these small flats must not have addiction to drug or liquor.

    Ajay Munot's daughter Shreya is also extremely happy that his father curtailed the unnecessary expenditure and instead did a commendable service for the slum-dwellers.

    My salute to Mr. Ajay Munot. India is direly in need of many such Ajay Munots.
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    Even I came across Ajay Manot. He is really a great man to have helped poor and needy. Not many rich people think of plot and help them. Rich people think only about themselves. They will spend money unnecessarily and waste it but never think of donating something to poor and helping them.
    We should learn from Ajay Manot and we should help needy as much as we can. Everyone are not rich but many has the capability of helping someone who has nothing. We should also do as much as we can and that will also give a peace of mind.

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    Yes I have also watched the news aired on the television channels and felt very happy. Here we must appreciate both the bride and groom side who were cooperative and made the things happen. In these era of miss trust and deceiving here is the Ajay Munot family which thinks differently and earned the respect from the poor for ever. Some people go on accumulating wealth and eventually die early thinking of how to guard the wealth from being looted or taken away by others. But Munot has taken the right decision and the government must award such family which shows the way for social living.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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