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    Why did Shiva let Sati die?

    We all know that Shiva roams in Himalayas, unattached from worldly affairs. He sees indifference in everything. He can drink milk and poison alike. Happiness and sadness are same for him.
    He isn't bound by time, as he sits outside the space-time. So he has seen infinite worlds come and go. He can see past and future at the same time.
    So when Sati went to Daksha's famous yagna, Shiva must be knowing beforehand what is going to occur. But he stayed still till Sati mortified herself by being burnt alive.
    Although being asked about it many spiritual gurus say, " It is a testimony of their divine love".
    But how? Why would someone let his love die? And there isn't even any moral behind this story.
    As a conclusion, Sati's body was mutilated into 52 pieces and scattered all over India (then).
    So, why didn't Shiva see this coming? Or did he stay motionless on purpose? If yes, what purpose could it be?
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    Some actions of the God cannot be questioned as there would be right motive and notion for their action. By the way who ever tested the patience of Shiva, they are not spared. Normally Shiva never gets angered and even called Bola Shankar and get floored by penance even by Raakshash. But at the same time he wont take the matters easy if it goes against his wishes. When Sati went to Daksha's house for the Yagna, Shiva did requested her not to go but she went which was a great insult to Shiva. So to teach her a lesson Shiva played that game and even kept mum while Sati mortified in the fire.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    According to me all these stories based on god is written by some saints. They have written it imaginary, it may be true or no. Taking these Purana's as lead there are lot of serials telecasted about Lord Shiva. Some stories are telecasted in such a way which is not mentioned anywhere in Purana's. But Sati burning herself in yagna kunda also has some historic story. All this cannot be questioned to any body because nobody has seen it.

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