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    For a while be a encourager as a person has many critics on daily basis

    Normally people wont appreciate others for many reasons. May be it is because of jealousy, or not liking the person attitude or by demeaning a person they can push forward themselves. But appreciating others is the great attitude. You need not gift or send any message. Just pat him on the back even for small achievement, and that encouragement would go a long way to pep up. And by encouraging others, you are also setting a precedent not to follow the herds who are habituated to be critic for every matter. So next time try to encourage others and get satisfied too.
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    A great thread by the author and very good conveying message. By this thread I think the author has faced many critics in his life. But still what ever he described in thread is really true. If you can't give any thing to anybody at-least encourage them by your words. That may help a weak mind person to change his decision who has decided to put an end to his life by his constant failure.. Never blame anybody or simply don't gossip about others without knowing the truth.

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