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    Do ISC Thread editors follow Newton Third laws of motion?

    As we all knew that whenever we raised a thread the editors scrutinize the thread in the forum and if it is good they will award cash credits, If it is not up to the mark they will delete the thread as like a Newton's Third law of Motion for every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. Can we draw a similarity with Newton Third law of Motion between ISC forum editors work?
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    How can we compare the understanding capacity of ISC editors with that of third laws of Newton on motion ? The editors have been trained to follow the fixed posting guidelines and rules of this site and they are supposed to work under that purview irrespective of their liking for the thread we do raise. What I feel that as long as a post does not harm the site nor its revenue earning potential, the thread must be allowed for getting replies and responses. But by abruptly deleting or locking the thread some time I also feel that when we are ready to eat with plate full of various food, somebody snatched the plate and we are very much insulted and disappointed.
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    So for your action (creating thread)the editors are giving some reaction(either approving, deleting,locking,awarding cash credits to the thread) so Newton's Third law satisfy with that...
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    Bhushan, let us be more practical and meticulous in raising threads. Anything that tickles your brain need not necessarily be a good thread. Spare some time to think! I am locking this thread.
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