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    Regarding-double reward offer on articles

    There was an announcement regarding double rewards on articles on CBSE schools.How the balance points and cc will come to authors account? Will it be credited automatically or we have to apply? If have to apply. how to apply? Please suggest.
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    Mr Sharma: Frankly speaking I don't know. I also don't know why this is called a 'double reward programme'. All I know that under this programme, we, the Members, have to write a particular type of articles and give clickable links to those articles as responses to the announcement thread. How 'double rewards' are calculated is unknown to me.
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    NK Sharma and Partha,

    Double reward means this: Let's say you get 30cc, 40cc and 60cc for 3 articles. That makes it 130cc. Under the double reward program, you will get 130cc additionally added to your account. While the cc for the articles will get automatically added as your articles get approved, the additional cc will be manually added to your account by the Webmasters after the program's closing date.

    How to avail of the double cc: Simply put the URLs of all your articles in a single response in the threads which have the announcements of the double reward programs.

    Let me know if anybody wants further clarifications.

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    Note that the double reward programs are not contests. Nobody loses! Everybody wins as everyone gets double of all approved articles. So start submitting soon! In addition to the double reward program of CBSE schools, there is one for admissions too. While the former will close on 31st December, the latter has no closing date as yet since the admissions season is ongoing.

    Please ensure that you regularly check the already submitted articles under both the double reward programs and do not submit duplicates.

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    Thank you madam for taking pain in clarifying the doubt.
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