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    Is it the craze or necessity driving our youngsters to study abroad?

    At present many of our young students going abroad for taking their higher courses abroad. Even parents, governments are encouraging the students to go abroad for their higher studies. Even though in India we got some prestigious Universities and institutions in government and private why students are opting to study abroad. Why Indian government instead of developing educational institutions and universities with international facilities and by providing funds for research encouraging Indian students to go broad by providing scholarships and loans. If the same continues when India will reach top position in research and education?
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    Well getting educated in a foreign University higher studies has become a fashion and necessity for those in such families where in there is a trend already followed in this regard. It has become a prestigious issue for every parent to send their boy or girl to foreign for higher studies even at cost of beg or borough to show case to the society and relatives that they do care for the children. But in that process they fail to gauge the right University and right course and thus after going there the student find himself in a fix. Unable to come back, he tries to settle for some side job and forget interest in studies. Such kind of situation is happening in many homes. If some one is there in other country under whose guidance the children would study and prosper, that could be a right decision, otherwise better to stay back in India and give best education in good University and try for lucrative job here itself.
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    Primarily the following three types of students are going abroad for studies -

    1. Serious and meritorious students who get selected on the basis of their merit for pursuing higher studies in frontier areas of cutting edge technology or science.

    2. Wards of stinkingly rich parents who finance their studies as a measure of show off in their social circle for letting them enjoy life in western culture.

    3. Average students chasing the dreams of dollar economy who are exploited by the educational consultants though they end up nowhere.

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