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    Every political party has a President, then why AIADMK has given full power to Gen. Secretary ?

    If take any big political party at the National or State levels, the party would be headed by a President, so many Vice Presidents, General Secretaries , treasurer and members. But when you take AIADMK , the party has only one post which is called General Secretary. Previously when MGR was the Chief Minister there was post called Kolgai Parappum Seyalalar that means Secretary who would be responsible to propagate the ideals of the party. Now after Jaya's death, the party is having rumbling for the smooth transfer of post as Gen Secretary. Any comment on this ?
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    Most probably AIADMK is following the tradition of Communist parties of the world. In the Communist parties all over the world, there is no concept of President. General Secretary is the most important position in these parties.
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    The founder of AIADMK party Mr MGR was/is still the President of that party even after his death. The next appointment is the General Secretary of that party which was held by Jayalalitha. In fact, AIADMK leaders wanted to retain the General secretary post for late Jayalalitha and create a new Additional secretary or Deputy secretary post for Sasikala. After great discussion, now the same post is to be held by her close associate Ms. Sasikala.
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    Great information from Sun. But I heard that President of the party was always allotted to Periyar by Annadurai and that legacy is still continuing.
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    Do you have any official link for your information? As far as I know, ADMK don't have president post.


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    Sorry, I have no Official link. It is not a live post but an imaginary post. Every party office of AIADMK will have the photos of Anna & MGR, and now Jayalalitha. I never heard anyone calling MGR as General Secretary of AIADMK like we call Ms. J Jayalalitha. Anna was the founder leader of DMK. Karunanidhi is the President of DMK. MGR was the founder leader of AIADMK. Ms. Jayalalitha was a follower of MGR's AIADMK and titled herself and General Secretary of AIADMK.

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