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    Can you tell why '87' is considered inauspicious by some people?

    Human being is generally weak-not only in physical sense, but mentally also. As a result, human being is prone to various superstitions. This superstition applies for numbers also. No. 13 is considered very unlucky. This thinking is related to Christian tradition. Similarly No. 111 is considered unlucky by British people. This attitude is related to famous British Admiral Nelson and his physical handicaps. This belief has been extended to No. 222 (Double Nelson) and No. 333 (Triple Nelson). Similarly, Japanese people consider No. 4 very inauspicious. They link No. 4 with the fourth stage of human being, i.e., death.

    Now let us come to the subject-matter of this thread. Australian cricket-lovers consider No. 87 as unlucky. I would like to know why this particular No. is considered unlucky by some Australians. Please don't consult Google-uncle. If it is already known, post the answer. If you don't, try to deduce why this No. is considered unlucky.

    Take it as a challenge. I am waiting for correct reply. (Of course, I myself know the reason.)
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    This is the first time I am hearing about number 87 as an unlucky number. All the numbers are both lucky and unlucky. My father died after completing 87 years of life on this good earth. Though it is a loss to us, my father had a satisfaction of living up to 87 years. I think number 47 is unlucky. Any comment?
    No life without Sun

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    Such pessimistic thinking are coming in our mind only when we or our family met some death on certain dates/month/year. This if said by one and one the same is stored in other's mind well and thereby the inauspicious arises. A relative of mine used to tell that he would die in his 57th year of age as his father and grandfather died in that age. Similar to this all sentiments as they are just beliefs as told in the story 'The Last Leaf' of O.Henry. see

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    Mr. Sun and Mr. Pattabiraman: Every superstition is devoid of any logic. But I would like to ask why some Australian cricketers and cricket-lovers feel that 87 is inauspicious. Try to think.
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    No comment from other Members? Nobody can comprehend why No. 87 is considered unlucky by Aussies.
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    Yes numbers play important role on some and they are so obsessed with it. The craze for numbers of particular digit also gets huge revenue for the RTA when numbers are allotted. But for the first time I am coming across the fact that even 87 is considered as inauspicious ? When NTR was the CM of AP , his all new cars would bear 9999 numbers, for the BJP 13 is the most unluckiest as Vajpayee government could stay in power for just 13 days. But what I feel that those who born in a year, that could be the best and luckiest. For example I was born in the year 1963, for me the lucky number would be 63 .
    K Mohan
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    Does it have anything to do with the '87 cricket world cup that was organized in India? But then, how could it be? The 1987 world cup was after all won by the Australians.

    Anyway, the year '87 has a special significance for me. In this year I got the wonderful opportunity to watch the India New Zealand world cup match at Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore. The best thing, I didn't have to pay for the ticket. I was doing my training then and we were approached by the stadium authorities to man the entry gates. Once we were finished with our assigned job, we got to view the exciting match sitting in the most vantage point in the stadium. Incidentally, that's the only world cup match I ever watched live sitting in a stadium.

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    Mr. Dhruv: It is very interesting that you watched your World Cup match in 1987. But that is not the answer. The question is: why 87 is considered inauspicious by some Aussies. The logic given by them is ridiculous, but can you guess?
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    We cannot go to Australia to find why 87 is inauspicious for their cricketers. Ask something that is inauspicious to Indian cricketers or local ISCians.

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    I was born in 87, I am finding this little odd that some consider it unlucky!

    I guess there must be something ridiculous reason like we Indian believed once that 43, 99 were unlucky for Sachin, 13 for Sehwag.
    Reason behind was only that a few times they got out on this number.

    Chitra Rana

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    Mrs. Chitra Rana Raghav: You were born in 1987, not in 87. So, don't bother unnecessarily. My question is: Why Australian cricket-lovers think 87 an inauspicious number?
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    Partha Ji, I have tried to attempt your question. That is a guess from my side. May be they had some king died at 87 years of age or may be some famous personalities died at this age or any major accident had happened in this year.
    Or just the reason as I have given in earlier response, getting out on same number.

    Chitra Rana

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    Now I feel that I should give the answer.

    The so-called logic behind this superstition is ridiculous, just like other superstitions. The Australians interpret the number 87 as 100-13. That is, if a batsman is batting on 87, it indicates that he/she is 13 runs away from the century. As no. 13 is considered unlucky, no. 87 is also considered unlucky.

    Ridiculous, isn't it?

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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