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    Swaach Bharat and we, Indian citizens

    On one side for our clean India, Our PM is doing his full efforts and on the other hand we, citizens doing our our own efforts to make our city with uncleanness.
    While talking we all just comparing foreign countries for the cleanliness but we are not thinking one thing behind it. Though there is cleanliness in mind of them,the walking people on the road also less and thereby the spitting/littering are 'nil' as population also comparatively less. But our Indian a vast area with much population, the education standard is somewhat less, so the improvement should come slowly only.
    However, for this we should not accept what we are doing is correct but to the possible extent we should extend our hand for the cleanliness motto.
    Secondly the construction of toilets in all toilet less area is welcome one but at the same time, we, toilet possessing people also not keeping them clean as many of the houses the toilet doors are not in good condition, in many places there is no lock/bolts.
    For everything, we should not expect others to do and we should do to the possible extent fro anything.
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    Yes, I totally agree with this. In villages and cities, we are following but we are seeing around. In houses also, where there is a habit of cleaning toilets daily and particularly after doing our routine jobs, our children are following us and they are doing the same. So we need to develop this habit in our coming generations so that they feel like crime if they spit in areas not supposed to. We need to develop a barrier in the young minds so that they can absorb, only, good and need to take care of the people who already developed bad habits of doing wrong things. This will happen only if we spread education among the masses. The task is huge but with the coming time, its positive results will appear on ground.

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    I am also agreeing with the author that Swatch Bharath Abhiyan cleanliness process must start from every home and that would the fitting support to this great initiative started by PM Modi. As far clearing of garbage and waste is concerned in front of our home and in the open places of our colony , it is the inclusive responsibility of every one to maintain clean. In Telangana and especially in Hyderabad, the GHMC is going to implement strict order as regards to keeping the environs clean. It has already supplied blue and green basket to every house and house holds are advised to put dry and wet wastes in those baskets separately. Likewise huge fines would be imposed when garbage is thrown beside the compound wall of others or in open place. And it is the matter of concern that every toilets must be kept clean and frequent maintenance of doors are also essential.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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