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    The burglar's magical Christmas

    The burglar creeped through the chimney and silently tiptoed to the hall.
    Tomorrow was Christmas day and he wanted to steal some happiness for his little boy,Sam.
    The room was very dark but the gleaming Christmas tree was decorated lavishly with bells,angels,gifts and candy cane.
    It was a real treat for the eyes.He tried to imagine how his Sam would react if he would ever get to see such a tree in his own home.
    His eyes fell on a beautiful pillow with Father Christmas delicately woven on it.
    It was done in red and white and Santa had a green sack on his shoulder.
    He stopped to stare at Santa as his eyes seemed to be following him around the room.Santa seemed to pop out of the cushion and to his utter amazement he heard a jolly 'Ho-Ho-Ho'!
    The burglar saw magic infront of his eyes.Santa was now comfortably seated on the golden chair and winking at him.
    He beckoned him to come nearer and close my eyes.
    He sat silently beside me and said, "Dear Henry, I will give you the best gift of your life if you promise to never ever steal again?"
    "You shall forever be happy and never grieve for your dear wife or steal for your son,Sam".
    He slid a small glass angel in my hand and told me to finally open my eyes.
    I was awestruck at the beauty of Santa's gift .It looked like a dream.
    Whenever you wish to eat or drink or need anything to make Sam happy, just think about it in your mind.
    This angel will give it magically but you should never ask in excess or out of greed as such a thought will break this angel and shatter his magic forever...
    The burglar looked up towards the chair but could not find Santa.
    He had left to gift happiness throughout the world but had left the cushion gleaming even more brightly than before.
    The burglar quietly kissed his magical angel and crept back towards the chimney without touching a thing from the house.
    He kept Santa's promise and never ever felt the need to steal .
    He was happy,his Sam was happy and his magical angel never ever shattered as there was no greed left in his heart from that night before Christmas.

    Creative writing contest entry..
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    Great story!
    I completely enjoyed it and loved the theme of magical gift for Christmas.


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    What a hilarious way of thinking. Even burglars do have their family and they also want to celebrate Christmas but by stealing the things from others. But what feel that across the world the rich would always help the poor through great donations and in that case there should not be a thought to burgle at least for this festive time. By the way the children of the burglar wont be happy to hear that the items he brought were burgled and that will snatch their happiness. Any way the author made great impact with this submission.
    K Mohan
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