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    Being proactive is better than being reactive-Agree or Disagree?

    Planning and thinking ahead to deal the problems before they arise is always better than responding to the problems after they occur. Being proactive will help a person or a company to bring out multiple solutions and multiple ways to carry out a work or to handle a situation. When a person is proactive he/she will have a control over the task or a situation and will carefully complete the work at a high success rate. Proactive strategy will reduce the risk factors but that is not the case in reactive strategy. Reacting to a situation after the occurrence of problems may lead to last minute confusions and lack of preparation.

    We cannot be proactive in all the situations. Life is uncertain and we need to apply reactive strategies in some situations. But proactive strategy is better when compared to the reactive strategy.

    Being proactive is better than being reactive- Agree or Disagree? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being proactive and being reactive?

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    First of being pro-active attitude comes to a person after a series of debacle and negative results which makes anyone to probe the past. In that situation getting understood to the root cause and addressing the same would make a person to become pro-active. And as regards re-active is concerned it is the aftermath effect wherein a performer failed to notice the coming onslaught and hence changed his stance to re-active. I am totally supporting to be a pro-active than acting after a re-active coup. By being pro-active one gets noticed by others and even gets many followers.
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    To be active is anyway better than be inactive.

    We cannot be always pro-active. If the action is initiated buy another we can be only reactive. That reaction can be pro or anti. To be supportive and pro- is not bad. To think that one has to be pro-active or initiate, lead and control will lead to just one-man play. When the others are also brimming to be pro-active that will lead to commotion and chaos.
    One can be Pro-active or reactive or supportive depending on subject , status and situation.

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