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    With increased use of Swipe Machines Servers are down and bitter experience for customers!

    As India going for cashless transactions many shop owners started using Swipe Machines in market. Today I went to a Gift shop to buy a Christmas gift. I bought the gift and I want to pay the amount Rs.300 through debit card. The shop owner told today he tried many transactions and he showed a bunch of slips all they showed failed transactions. He tried my debit card also and it showed server busy and the transaction failed. He tried many times without any success. I didn't took much money with me and so he told what can I do leave the pack. Then I saw in one near by ATM people are getting one 2000 note. So I stood 20 minutes there and I got it. Then I went back to the shop and bought the gift with currency note. Then I went to a cloth shop and the same problem I faced there also. So Shop Owners even they get swipe machines if servers are not set right merchants and public will face severe problems.
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    I was expecting this to happen. On 25th Nov itself I raised a thread " Are the internet servers ready to accept crores of swiping of credit and debit cards in future ?" which testifies and supports this post. In India we have the habit of using new technology on large scale when ever it is introduced and same is the case with swiping machines. Though there are other ways to make payment to the shop owner, we chose the swiping machine method as it is safe and also the transaction happens in front of us. I just cannot understand as to why the PM or the FM failed to gauge this kind of draw back before hand ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    With the Governments move to ban High Denomination notes overnight without doing the proper analysis life if every INDIAn becomes miserable. Upgrading servers is not possible overnight, Enough measures has to be taken at multiple companies. It takes time and these kind of bitter experiences will be very common for some period of time. INDIAns have no way except to LIVE with the fact.
    K K

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