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    Flower power in tresses

    Do you favour any particular type of hair decoration with flowers? Share your special style in this forum thread!

    In many parts of India we will see ladies dressing up their beautiful tresses with flowers. It may be a gajra (garland) consisting of a small string of jasmine flowers, a thick one of yellow flowers or one interspersed with yellow and red flowers (this last one being typical in a bridal hair style.) Then there are some who like to wear a single large pink flower or a rose pinned at the side, just above the ear, or tucked into the band of a ponytail or in the bun at the back.

    Are you one who likes wearing flower(s) while making up your hair style? Do you prefer real flowers only?

    [Important footnote: since a critic soundly reprimanded me for gender bias in my earlier thread on hair braids & pig tails, I dare not address this thread only to the ladies here & keep the gentlemen out!!]
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    No, I have never decorated my hair style with any real flower.
    There was a rose shaped pin, which I used when I had to make bun, or have to wear saree in close relative's marriage. It got broken this season only.

    Chitra Rana

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    Probably this post is aimed at the female members of this site for responses. But what I state that nothing can be better than the Jasmine with double lines which always looks good on the nicely woven hair pleads of ladies especially those who are married.
    K Mohan
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    No comment on flower on hair. So far as ladies are concerned, males are automatically attracted to them, irrespective of presence of flowers, or not.
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    I agree with what Mr. Partha said. Flowers or not flowers, make up or no makeup gentlemen are always attracted to ladies. Ladies do have a natural power of attraction. But if I think from make up point of view, I prefer plastic flowers or fake flowers to be adorned in my make up or jewelry. Real flowers are difficult for me to handle.
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    A single beautiful smelling rose ,a huge flower on a side ponytail without any makeup will make any girl look pretty.
    Small white buds of 'motiya bahar' woven in ponytails and made into small hairbands look delicate on little girls especially.

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    Ladies wear flowers to attract the males. So it will be wise enough to ask a gentleman 'How do you expect a lady to wear flower on their hair to look very attractive and charmful?

    I like the Rose. A rose is always a rose. I would like to see a single rose pinned on the hair anywhere on the right side ( never in the centre) This is my best choice. The rose could be natural or artificial.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun, why you do this ! "Bhai, aisi koi bat hi nahi hai, Simple! Aur agar apke Janne vali kuchh ladkiyan aisa karti bhi hein, to aap use generalize nahi kar skte!
    Bhai Aadmi ho, bhaure nahi ho, Jo attract karne ke liye fuul chahiye!"

    Brother, please understand if a girl like to look good, it is not necessary that she is doing it for someone else. Even if at times she tries to do something for someone else "it is NOT for every or any male". Most of the time, we girls appreciate ourselves by wearing good, looking good. I never remember that I might have brought any dress with a point of view how a male will find it. Only angle we consider is that how I will look this way.

    Chitra Rana

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    I had never seen the flowery hair band while I was in West Bengal. But it is very common in the South. Ladies are using various types of flowers with their hair dressing. But strings (short length) of white color flower looks more beautiful.

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