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    Not just plastic carry bags, but sachets and tubes also should be banned or restricted

    Do you think the ban on plastic bags should be extended to plastic tubes & sachets to protect the environment? Share your views in this discussion thread.

    We are all aware about the issues plastic creates in the modern world. Plastic waste is not bio degradable and stays for years without undergoing degradation. It cannot be burned because of the harmful smoke it emits. The main focus of plastic ban is mostly concentrated and limited to the use of plastic carry bags of a certain thickness. This is because they get thrown and blow and get deposited in the drains and water channels and clog them creating many problems.

    But there is another area where plastic is used tremendously by all of us daily and the waste simply thrown. They are the sachets and tubes containing daily use creams and ointments, cosmetics, toothpaste, and many food items like sauces and jams. These tubes were once metallic foils which could undergo corrosion and degradation. Even their burning was not creating much problem. They could be recycled also.

    But the present day tubes and sachets cannot be reused nor properly degraded in waste. So there is an urgency to stop using of the plastic or similar containers and instead used metallic containers wherever possible. The public and government shuld put immediate attention into this. The manufacturers should also comply and co-operate in the public interest and saving the Earth.
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    I am fully supporting the author view and fail to understand that on one hand the government wants to ban plastic products or wants a increased Micron present in their manufacture, so that animals wont get chocked by eating it mistakenly. Likewise we have cooking oil, Milk, Curd and even lubricating oil or engine oil for the vehicles all comes in plastic sachets. When we go to the tiffin center, instead of using the plantation leaf teared in to half for every plate, some people are using the thin plastic papers to cover the plate so that after eating the plastic paper would be thrown into dustbin and the plate need not be washed with water. So for saving water which has become scarcity in many cities and towns, the tiffin stall owners are doing their business in this way. However that is very dangerous to our health as eating the hot items of food on the plastic paper would also take in the chemicals used to manufacture the plastic..
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