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    "Ayurvedic and natural products" impression is the success mantra of Patanjali products?

    After knowing about the impact of chemicals used in various products on human body through mass media public are commonly running after natural products. At present people are more knowledgeable regarding the impact of chemicals and pollution problems on human body. Patanjali made use of this situation by introducing a very large number daily used products by Indians which are promised to be made out of natural and organic ingredients. This promise and advertisement of make up of their products with Ayurvedic and organic ingredients attracted the public much. This is the sole reason we can attribute for the great success of this company in India. Do you agree or not?
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    Systematically there is a campaign to produce in India and to market for India. While other Industries taken the call light, it seems Patanjali has rightly penetrated in to the consumer market with their whole lots of products from Wheat to shampoo they have proved the need to accept desi made varieties of cosmetics and general items and thus could win the favor. Moreover Ramdev Baba who taught Yoga to many has identified potential businessman joining their Yogic exercise and thus prevailed upon them to sell the Ayur products manufactured by Patanjali. Thus we can find those who are ardent supporters of Ramdev Baba and his yoga are the owner of various Patanjali products shops which has now established like Kirana stores in every street corner. So those who are health conscious are well trapped and asked to take their product for good and the rates are also reasonable.
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    I have stated earlier in some contexts that I did not find any reason to shift to Patanjali products from those whom I am using.

    I have an itch that Patanjali products claim may be exposed not long from now. How can one claim the chemical washing powder as herbal? Patanjali products are no better than any similar products. The claims are much exaggerated. They are riding on the euphoria created by the exaggerated marketing stories spread by their franchisees and media advertisements.

    I had purchased about a dozen of their products. None of them were better than the products I already use. They are not better in quality nor in price. The Amla Juice and certain other products they claimed to be 'natural and pure' were smelling and tasting excessively chemical. had to throw them out after tasting one or two times.I had decided not to go for Patanjali products.

    Their business greed showed up when they came against popular brand noodles, and ended making and marketing their own brand noodles. Patanjali products are riding the wave ' making hay while sun shines'. That is all, and obvious to all.

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    According to me though patanjali uses natural and organic ingredients it is not completely chemical free. They use preservatives for the product to last long. And not everyone gets adjusted with patanjali products. Some people have good reviews about it while others did not like as their previous products. If one really wants to go natural, they can use items available at home. For example, they say gram flour and turmeric is good to wash face. People can find out such tips about easy available items and try using them.

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