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    Why cashless policy is not implemented for Political parties by government?

    Government is asking for cashless regime for public but why Mr.Modi's government shun away from implementing cashless policy for political parties? This question is in hot debate in various media. In the past or at present political parties can receive below Rs.20,000 rupees without showing any accounts. Through this loophole in the constitution political parties are collecting crores of rupees as donation from various sources. According to the estimate 76% of this money remain as unaccounted money with these parties. These political parties are showing accounts only for a small part of the money what they collect in the accounts. By spending crores of this black money in the elections they are bringing a lot of political corruption into the administrative system. Political corruption is the major source of corruption in India. On seeing this Election Commission recommended only Rs.2000 donation should be exempted from tax rather Rs.20000 which will lessen corruption. If common man is asked for cashless regime why political parties are exempted?
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    Common how can you think that political parties would also be brought under cash less regime. It is impossible. We have been habituated with whole some corruption during election times where in even for a Councillor post the candidate need to spend for every voter and that is the known issue even to the Election Commission. On the other day our PM Modi was mooting the idea of State Funding of elections, which was not taken it seriously. Within few months many elections are going to be held for state assemblies and within 2.5 years the general elections are to be held , therefore the ruling party also felt that by forcing cash less regime on political parties they are also equally affected and hence came with rules which is against the liking of common man. But EC is not happy with the government rule and wants strict laws to be implemented to take the political parties seeking donations.
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    The root cause of corruption is political funding. This everyone knows. The big business houses give donations to the political parties to get advantage from them when they form the Government. The details of such donations need not be disclosed by the political parties. All this unaccounted money is spent in the elections. From here the real corruption starts. The political parties are provided immunity which they do not want to lose. This is one point on which all the political parties are united.
    The Government wants the public to go for cashless economy but not the political parties because every donation they get becomes transparent. Why there should be Rs 2000/ limit? Each and every rupee the political parties get should be accounted for and the taxes paid. Why two separate rules for the public and political parties? If the Government is really serious about corruption and black money, it should go for reforms in political funding and make them digital.

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    Please know that" All are equal, but some are more equal than others".
    Equality is preached by political parties. Please know that all that is preached need not be practised. Just one example below to show that political parties are above all equality laws.

    A politician can be a candidate in elections even if he is in jail, but a voter cannot vote if he is in prison.

    Lawmakers(political party leaders who are MPs and MLAs) would always keep themselves above from the law they make. They will have 'privileges' which immunise them from the laws of the land.

    Those interested can do more research and come with such real discrepancies and inequalities.

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