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    Inspiring step- a news story to be followed and appreciated

    We often hear about expensive marriages in India having budgets of crores, but here's the story making a difference.
    A rich businessman from Maharashtra,Ajay manot who earlier thought to spend a huge amount of money on his daughter's marriage after consulting others changed his mind and has recently built and donated 90 houses to the poor peoples from very backward areas, instead of spending that money on a lavish wedding for his daughter.
    In order to qualify for a brand new home, people needed to fit a certain criteria - they had to be poor, be living in the town slums and not suffer from alcohol, drug or gambling addiction.

    In a country like ours where people spent tones of rupees on expansive celebration of marriages and just waste it, this story is of worth noticing and appreciating.
    I think everyone should take inspiration from this story and try to help people at their level instead of extravagant and expansive waste of money during marriages in their home and get the
    from thousands of poor people.
    What is your opinion about the story?
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    This matter was already discussed in this forum and still I would like to respond here again. It is the good gesture on the part of Ajay Manot and his daughter to think differently by constructing 90 homes for the poor and by keeping the wedding expenses at low and fulfilling the promise of a home for 90 poor families is the act which cannot be compared or thought off. In these days of selfish and cunning attitude, here is the family which looks for the welfare of their poor supporters and reaching out to them with a permanent decent house is highly commendable.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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