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    Christmas celebrations during our school days.

    Since it is the Christmas celebrations month and ISC is also announcing sportive contest regarding Christmas. In this contest I wish to write how we would celebrate Christmas in our school days. Actually as I am a Hindu I did not know about Christmas celebrations much, but since I studied in a convent school they use to celebrate all the festivals without discrimination of cast. For all the festivals previous day was a half day and we use to create and celebrate every festival and make some creativity indicating that festival.
    But during Christmas we were very much excited because we use to get gifts and the teachers use to say that Santa Claus came to your class last night and kept secret gifts in your desks.
    I still remember when I was in 6th standard one of my friend asked about Santa Claus and why he keeps gifts secretly? Our teacher explained about Santa Claus, which was unknown till then to us. I wish to explain about Santa Claus in short which was told to us.
    Santa Claus was a saint (St) Nicholas Bishop who lived in the ages of 16th or 17th century near Asia, which is now called as Turkey. He was a rich man and was orphan at very young age. He had lot of money with him and was very kind in heart. He was helping most of the poor people surrounding him. There are many stories of St Nicholas about his generosity to wards people. One story I wish to say in short which I remember. " There was a poor man with three daughter's and he was not able to get his daughter's married. St Nicholas came to know about this and wanted to help him. One day he secretly dropped a bag of gold and money into the poor man's house. He repeated it till all his daughter's got married. But one day the poor man was hiding near the window were he use to find the bag of gold and money. He came to know it was St Nicholas who helped him secretly with gold and money to get his daughter's married. St Nicholas requested that man not to tell anybody about this" But still it soon spread over and people started believing that St Nicholas was helping them whenever they needed help because they use to get help secretly. He continued helping people till his death. He was also put in prison for some reason, which is unknown till today. As generation's past St Nicholas was becoming unpopular but somebody started delivering secret gifts to children in UK and England. Thus they named him as Father Christmas' and now the name is also known as Santa Claus.
    From that day I came to know about Santa Claus and started liking him and even enjoyed Christmas celebration in our school. Every year in our class we all students use to make Christmas tree and decorate it as per our creativity and enjoy Christmas with full of joy. But our teachers would keep gift's like pen, pencil or chocolate secretly hidden in our desk's. When we use to come the next day we were very much excited to see what Santa Claus would keep for us this year. We were unaware of it till the sendoff of SSLC. That day our HM told us that your respected class teachers use to keep gifts or sweets with best wishes to you as per their wish. That day we all felt that all our school teachers were Santa Claus to us. Till today we batch mates wish our teachers for Christmas through group media.
    Thanking ISC for recalling my cherish moments of Christmas during my school days.
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    Good to see a refreshing entry from the author citing the experiences at the school during Christmas festivities and I can understand the joy and ecstasy of that moment when all the children would participate.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you for your immediate response.

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    Its both refreshing and feel good to read as it relates to everyone School days. Even i was in the state as mentioned in this entry, as hindu boy- didnt know much about the christmas and in our school they used to celebrate every festival. After moving on to higher secondary, got into clear picture of why festivals are important and celebrated with religion discremenation in schools. As it brings out the joy and ectasy as K Mohan mentioned above just wanted to add one more, it does also sheds the caste and relion between the human beings. Nice article to read on. Rock On!
    Some times peace is better than being Right!!!

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