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    Illiterate father still runs a 'paan' kiosk while his son works as IAS Officer

    Shastri Nagar, Jamshedpur: 58 year old Lakshman Prasad has been busy in his 'paan' (betel leaves) kiosk. The small kiosk is very well-known not only in the locality, but in entire Jamshedpur. The eldest son of Lakshman Prasad, Chandan Prasad, is now an IAS Officer!

    But Laskhman doesn't bother. So what if his son is an IAS Officer? He doesn't want to depend on his eldest son. To him, the kiosk is the blessing of Goddess Lakshmi! From the earnings of the kiosk, he has made his eldest son an IAS Officer. From the earnings he has married of his elder daughter. His another two children are still studying. How can he neglect or abandon his kiosk and his customers? The customers are God to him.

    Everyday Lakshman Prasad prays to God seeking His blessings so that arrogance doesn't ever touch him.
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    I respect the feelings of Lakshman Prasad as he coined out a living for himself and his family through which he could give good education to his son and now Chandan Prasad is the IAS officer. No profession is illegal nor it should be seen with otherwise. If the Pan shop could get him the respectable income without depending on others or heeding to diktat of others that is the great way of leading life. There is a saying in Hindi " Bal pe bal apna bal, dooron ka bal chooley main jal" that means the within strength in every person will get him the required earnings and also makes a standing against others, one should not forget his strength and feel jealous over others development. There is a ad which portrays a banker daughter looking with radiance in her face but comes in a auto, and on asking she says he is her proud father. That shows some people still want to live on their own.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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