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    Why should one not offer advice without asking for it?

    It is an age old saying that one should not offer advice to anybody without asking for it. However, there has to certain exceptions like the parents offering advice to their children, the teachers offering advice to the students or the boss offering advice to the employees.

    I have practically observed that offering advice to a couple regarding value addition in their children results in worst kind of reaction. No parents seem to be ever willing to listen to criticism of their children's behavior irrespective of the ground realities. They virtually behave like Dhritrashtra- Gandhari in preferring to not to hear anything adverse against their children.

    What has been your observations in this regard? Why should one not offer advice without asking for it?
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    Offering advise also comes with some practical experience and the back fire faced in the past. Given the circumstances we wont give advise to every person. We know who are all our well wishers and who cares for our words. Some people would be certainly wait for our reaction and advise on many matters and it is our duty to reach out. However there are some people who pretend to know many things but in reality they know nothing and those people cannot ask for the advise from us. We have to gauge ourselves and voluntarily help them to bail out from the problem.
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    I agree with the author. Especially parents whose children are in school will never believe or listen negative comments about their child. Not only in the form of behavior they even argue with results comparing with the other child's result. I feel this is a wrong attitude by the parents because teachers in the school will be knowing more about the student than their parents.

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