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    Seeing the International Space Station (ISS) – something missing

    Is it really possible to see the ISS in the sky? ISS is slightly larger than a 747 airplane. When the aircraft is flying high @ 10 km, we can barely see the aircraft except when it releases smoke or trails. The ISS is at around 360 km high. How is it possible to see a slightly larger object but at 360 km? One reason could be the ISS is flying low, low like 10-15-20 km? But that is not what is said about the ISS orbits.

    Can anyone explain this?
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    When ever some thing is flying at the high altitude it cannot be viewed with the naked eyes. You are saying that the ISS is moving around 360 km high from the earth and I bet no one cat see it through naked eyes and one can view the same through telescope. And more over moving objects cannot be detected by our eyes. In Hyderabad there is a Nizamia Observatory at Osmania University and students who are interested in space and space related history and news , they can visit this center and view the ISS. Like wise BM Birla Planetorium near Birla Mandir can also help to view the ISS.
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    My response is same as the author K Mohan. Viewing at naked eye, scientists say that you see ISS at our night sky, quickly moving like a bright star in the horizon way. They appear also fast and disappear quickly.

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