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    Why was the forum post deleted?

    Hello, This is Sai Tanishq. I recently posted in the forum on the title "where the heck is our parliament going?". And I saw the post deleted. I actually wanted to know the reasons behind it's deleting from the forum. Just because I need to be alert in posting some good content and learn from mistakes.
    Thanking you,
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    We are not supposed to use harsh and angry words while writing here. This is the forum section for debate and not inviting problems from Individuals and organizations through our venting ire or out bursts. And ISC is very strict on that. So in future make guarded question and write meaningful content without hurting the sentiments of any Individual or organization.
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    Generally Indians don't use the word 'heck'. After all,we have not yet adopted all the habits of the Americans.
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    It is the Editor's choice to permit or delete, and cannot be questioned or asked for explanation. I did not read your thread post, but presume that it contained something against our government and governance. So, don't post any thread of controversial nature.
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    Mr. Sai Tanishq: Generally posts are deleted for violation of policy. But the problem is that the lesser mortals like Partha Kansabanik don't know what exactly the 'policy' is.
    So, to minimize the chance of deletion of your posts, always try to remain in the good books of the Editors. If they say 'yes', you have to say 'yes'. If they say 'no', you would also say 'no'. But the real problem would arise when one Editor would say 'yes' and another one says 'no'. In that case, the situation would be really very critical.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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