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    Open letter to Sun of ISC – not the Sun now on my play list

    I came to the forum to post something else and saw your last response to my previous thread. I think a clarification is in order, lest you think you have won some kind of a battle. I read all your unsavoury comments on the forum with regards to me. The fact that they were deleted is indicative of how unnecessary they were. I chose not to react because it would have turned into an ugly spat.

    Coming to my 'hatred' of you – hatred is a very strong and powerful emotion. Researchers say that it is more powerful than love – it is an obsession. It tunes all of one's thoughts to the object of one's hatred. For me to hate someone would mean to have my thoughts constantly trained towards them. It might deflate your amour proper, but my thoughts are not preoccupied with you. I do not see the word SUN and think of you – leave alone have time to react, with you in mind. Self-obsession maybe good for the ego, but to think others are obsessed with you as well, is stretching the imagination a bit too far.

    I cannot hate you because I am not obsessed with you. To hate you I have to be associated with you in some way. I am totally detached. Your presence or absence has no effect on me. When I see the word SUN I do not think of you. To me, the word SUN does not mean you.

    Why I write this open letter, might baffle you. It is just to let you know that my last post in my other thread was in jest. It was to humour all those who were out to gun me down. You took my words too literally, as you did when I posted my thoughts to the word SUN. Regrettably, your analysis of my responses has been wrong on both occasions.

    It would be better to practice humility, instead of being a self-styled moralizer. So, back at you – be a good man.

    Please watch your words the next time you mention me in your posts. I may not be tolerant to your slurs anymore.
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    From: Sun of ISC
    To: The concerned
    Nothing much to reply except to say a simple VMT. Very proud to see someone addressing me as Sun of ISC.

    No life without Sun

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