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    What are the other religions which adore Hindu Gods?

    Of all religions people of Hindu religion worship many Gods. Lakhs of temples of various Gods present through out our country and in the world. Most of the other religions will have only one God like Jesus Christ for Christians and Allah like Muslims. But some other religions in India and other countries will worship some of our Hindu Gods. Can you name such religions and the Hindu Gods they worship. Is there any reason why these other religions worship Gods of Hindu religion? What are the reasons for some of the historical Hindu temples are present through out the world? Is this indicating Hindu religion was spread throughout the world in the past?
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    The other day I was at the Subramanya Swamy temple in Secunderabad which also has Gods like Shiva, Hanuman, Saibaba , Nagadevata and Navagrahas. There I saw a Sardarji coming and praying the God with full devotion. I was surprised. Sardarjis would normally go to the Gurudwara which is hardly 3 kms from this place but any how I felt happy that other religion people are also having faith in Hindu Gods. Likewise when ever children fashion show happens in my Wife's school, I have invariably seen Muslim parents choosing the Hindu God attire and winning the prize hands down citing National integration.
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    Well religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, Zoroastrianism , Greek, Chinese (Taoism and Confucianism) and Shinto are identical to Hinduism. There are many Hindu Gods who appear in these other pantheons too.
    Lord Ganesh appears in almost all of these religions.
    Cambodian Ramayana was composed 1000 years ago.
    World's largest and finest Vishnu temple is in Angkor, Cambodia.
    Nepali tribes identify lord Shiva as their supreme God.
    There are so many religions and people who adore us.

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    Adoring a God by other religions is common in reality and becoming questionable and making problems only by politics. Even in Hindu religion there are segregation in worshiping. I myself gone many times to Velankanni Matha Temple, Nagore Darga for worship. Nobody denied me to permit. Once I went to Nagapattinam with my mother (who was dressed in our side orthodox method)and en route Nagore,I asked my mother to wait outside place as I was planned to go to Darga.But my mother told me that she also accompany with me. With hesitation, I took her but to our surprise they honored my mother and told the auspiciousness of the Darga etc., Similarly myself and my wife many times went to Amritsar Golden Temple on the way to our trip to Beas.
    Moreover I have seen many muslim ladies are visiting Anjaneyar Temple in one area of Bangalore and in many places many Hindus get Holi blessings from the Mosques in evenings. Everything is on Faith only. We are seeing among one religion itself there are people with as well as without belief of their own religion.

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