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    Swaach Bharat and our expectations by ignoring our duties

    Our Government expect cleanliness from us but we expect from the government that they should clean the city and thereby our country regularly. But we many of us forget the main thing who did such garab activities. Why and how we can expect others to clean the same as we are the culprits?
    Yesterday I saw the city bus in chennai full of garbage mainly with used tickets, popcorn covers,water bottles,water packet covers, etc., and a co-passenger commented that the transport authorities are very negligent in cleaning regularly. Are the driver and conductor put all such garbages?
    In addition to this I read a Editorial in a Tamil newspaper that railways are very much negligent in keeping the train bogis clean and thereby the possibilities of getting rats in the train.

    I agree the train authorities and bus authorities should do the cleanliness activities as the same is a part and parcel of their work but what about our responsibilities in such places? why do not use the dustbins kept in the roadsides to put our used tickets and unwanted eatables,water bottles,water packet covers?

    Moreover I saw in the famous Koyambedu bus Terminus (Chennai) as well in Mejastic Bus Terminus (Bangalore) that in many places there was the broken and unbroken wine bottles here and there. Though we can argue that the drunkards cannot expected to throw the used bottles in the dust bin as they are not in conscious. But what about we, best conscious persons?
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    I do understand the authors perception that we all must involve in keeping our environs clean and that will give boost to the Swatch Bharath Mission. Normally the public places like Railway station, bus stands and other markets are visited frequently and the garbage piling would be continuous process. Once I had been to Aurangabad via Jalna and as soon as the bus reached Jalna bus stand I could find garbage at all place and there is no one to clean it. When I questioned the manager as to why the bus station was so nasty, he said that only at 4 am the safaiwalas would come and do the cleaning and the whole day one has to live through garbage. Now tell me how to keep that area clean. The amount of passengers coming and going is too much and every one throws the plastic paper or paper from the bus itself and that is not removed till next morning. I think there must be garbage box inside the bus itself to get rid of this menace.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Its not good to blame the Govt. always and every respect. Our PM has inititated many good things and the Swatch Bharat Abhiyan is one of them. No doubt, some awarness has come to the people of India, but it is very little. We should do more to awake the so called nasty mass. Unless majority of us are engaged, we can not fulfill our mission. It is obvious that 100% awarness/ engagement is not possible, but if at least 80% do, then definitely it would work.
    Being a veteran, we always use to clean our surroundings where ever we be------let it be on train (as half of our life spends on rails only), buses or at any places. And these we are doing since the beginning, much before the Swatch Bhartat Mission concept has been taken. Even today, when we gather for a picnic or samll gatherings, we left our presence to the others by cleaning the total surroundings and we get the appreciations from the care-takers also. We felt very satisfied not for the appreciations, but seeing the place more pleasant, more clean when we left.
    Many times I used to force fellow passengers to clean the concerned area which was soiled by him/her during train journey------not by harsh words, but politely. Even, sometimes, I remember, do clean myself for their nuisance and they shy from afterwords.
    Some times back, I was watching some news channel, which showing the most clean state of India. I think, it was Tripura, where evrey taxi drivers keep a waste bag behind the front seats so that passengers can keep their waste in the bag and not to throw outside. Really, a good step and good concept. People use the dustbins and do not throw any where else. Definitely, so many bins are kept and maintained by the local authorities. But, the awarness to keep the state clean is in everyone's mind. I wish, I must visit the state whenever I would get chance.
    And, lastly, I dream that one day 80% awarness would come very soon. Then India would look more beautiful, more generous, more green and more energetic.
    Jai Hind!!!

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    Mohan sir, I am not mentioning the market area but the other public places like bus stand and railway compartments and that too to the possible extent we should keep clean and we should not litter anything on roads and such places.

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