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    PM’s vision of transforming India

    What is vision? Vision (doordrasti) is the ability to see the things ahead. If India or someone wants to progress, he must have a vision for future. Where do I want to stand after 5 years,10 years,20 years? After analysing whole the external and internal environment, one must prepare the strategic plan and action to achieve the target.The vision of our PM Narendra Modi about India is great.He wants to transform the India into a developed and strong nation. He has plans of digital India, Schhach Bharat Abhiyan, and Make in India, Demonetisation, curbing black money and benami transations. Modernisation of railway, building bullet trains'network, building 30 km road daily for better road connectivity, providing subsidy by direct cash transfer and cashless economy,housing for all by 2022, 24x7 electricity are the big milestones of PM Modi's vision. Let us support our PM's vision and must have a great India.
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    Unfortunately, in a democratic set up like ours, the statesmen have to have a myopic vision only as their assured tenure is generally limited to 5 years only in case they are able to survive the full term without in interruption like mid-term elections or imposition of the President rule etc. In view of the above, the great visionaries like Narendra Modi have to have an eye on the next general elections and modulate their policies and priorities in such a manner that they are able to win the next election and come back for implementation of their projects. Thus they are compelled to compromise with their visions, whatever they have.

    In India, the greatest challenges are the rationalization of the reservation policies where merit is compromised. However, no leader worth his/her salt can dare to think about any kind of reform in the said policy.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes I do support the author that our Prime Minister Narender Modi has the vision and definite goals for the future of the country and his actions have already begun. Come New year, our country is going to have new beginning of new currencies, new hope, new developments and above all getting rid of malpractices, black money and even getting out of corrupt practices. Over six decades India has been struggling for a total cleansing of economy and our PM has began the process which would give far reaching results in near future. The next target being attack on the Benami deals which would fetch huge income and also retrieve land and property which are brought through illegal methods and black money. Already our PM is in touch with the foreign countries where in black money is stashed and even that will be brought back to India. So the vision of PM Modi cannot be compared or copied.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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