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    Reading the fine print is an extremely challenging vision test

    When we go for routine eye check-ups, we are asked to look at alphabets in a mirror through a lens, read a card, etc. Accordingly, if required, we get a number for spectacles, either for reading or for distance vision or both.

    What is far more challenging than those eye specialist's tests, though, are the acuity tests we have to go through from time to time. These include:
    1. An application form - why is the text in over 90% of application forms in small font? Whether it is to apply for admission to an institute or a bank form, have you noticed how the text is all cluttered together? Perhaps it is to save paper, but just think - you pay a whopping Rs.500/- for an admissions form - why not put an extra page then? In the case of a bank form, it is so thoughtless to expect senior citizens to peer and struggle with filling up such forms. Yes, there are helpful customers and often staff to do this work, but not everywhere.

    2. A form for getting service - it is so deceiving, I feel, to have the extra minuscule print at the bottom, deliberately to make the customer avoid reading it so when a problem arise, the company can always say it was mentioned that so-and-so aspect was not part of the service.

    3. A medication - whether a bottle of cough syrup or a strip of tablets, even with spectacles, do you not often find it taxing to read the instruction on how much to take, what are the ingredients and the expiry date?

    4. The instruction booklet which comes in the box of a gadget - why on earth are those booklets of instructions so small and the print so tiny?! I mean, if you expect us to follow the instructions on how to use the gadget and how to deal with simple problems, why can't you print a larger booklet with large words? The box is large enough for the smartphone/laptop isn't it? Then surely there is space too for a bigger booklet of instructions!

    5. Film credits - it is so unfair to see the tiny credits roll of a movie at the end or even the names which appear at the beginning. Why should we not clearly see the name of the screenplay writer, for example, who contributed to the enhancement of the story? Why is that only the names of the director and the film production house fill up the entire screen?

    Just for taxing our vision, fines should be imposed, like taxes, on small print!

    [Entry for 25th to 31st December 2016 TOW]
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    In certain cases e.g. in the case of registration number plate of a vehicle, there are specifications for a minimum size of letters/numerals and spacing between them. In case of submitting affidavit/petitions in courts also, there are guidelines about formatting, spacing and typing etc. in general. However, in absence of any rule/guidelines etc. in the cases cited by the author, the concerned companies take advantage and virtually attempt to cheat the people by resorting to fine prints with impunity.

    Even more challenging is to read between the lines.

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    Good and differently thought subject chosen by the ME to say on the Tow topic. Yes it is the fact that we cannot read the fine printing with our eyes if that has sight problems and the vision has to be set right.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes a good observation. where there is a policy document, the term and condition is printed as small that you need magnifying glass to read. They deliberately do this to fool the customers.
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    Almost all person accept the "Terms and Condtions"--which are written in so lengthy and so small that you never dare to read it till end and proceed further.
    In case of medicines or on the packages of other small products---even normal person has to stress his/her eye to read it.

    Deliberately these are written in such font so that people would avoid to read, but these should not be. Every time its not possible to read all these things before purchasing.

    There should be some protocol on the "Expiry Date" and "MRP" on edible items/ medicines.

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